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Natalia's Story

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It first happened in the middle of the night. A foot cramp. Followed the next day by a seizure. Then another. And another. The diagnosis was quick – Natalia had epilepsy.

Despite medications to treat it, the seizures persisted – sometimes as many as 30 per day. And when surgery to remove the epileptic tissue didn’t fully work, doctors at Children’s Mercy implanted a vagus nerve stimulator (VNS) — a small, innovative device placed under the skin that delivers electrical pulses to interrupt seizure activity. It’s been 18 weeks since Natalia received the VNS and she’s been seizure-free ever since.

Another example of how Love Will never settle, helping Natalia get back to hiking on trails with Dad, swimming at the pool, and finally — sleeping soundly through the night. Learn more about the Children’s Mercy Epilepsy Center.