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Built for Kids

Built for Kids

Help Light the Way for Kids

One in five young people in the U.S. have a mental health disorder, and in Kansas City over 40 percent of those kids don’t get the help they need. That’s why Children’s Mercy launched Illuminate, a 5-year, $275 million plan, to address this youth mental health crisis through early intervention, equitable access, expanded services and research. We need your help. Learn how you can help light the path forward.

Mother's Day Cards

Send a Mother’s Day card and cup of coffee to a mom or caregiver at Children’s Mercy

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Liver Transplant: Violet’s Story

Now, as a busy 1-year-old, Violet is doing well and has already caught up with milestones like walking and talking thanks to the Children's Mercy transplant team and collaborating partners.

Meet Violet

Emerging Principal Investigators: Dr. Romina Barral

In 2012, Dr. Romina Barral joined Children’s Mercy as a physician-researcher and has recently focused on research aimed at decreasing disparities in reproductive and sexual health care for youth from communities that have been marginalized.

Learn about Dr. Barral and her research
An Asian teenage boy lies on a bed while scrolling through a cell phone.

Watch for warning signs

Kansas City is still recovering from the trauma of the victory parade. Kids’ reactions can sometimes continue for weeks or months and can start to interfere with their daily routines. Find out what to watch for and how you can help.

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