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LOVE WILL bring you comfort.

At Children’s Mercy, we know a hospital can be a scary place for kids. That’s why we do our best to bring comfort to your child while they are in our care. From knowing what to expect before you arrive to your child experiencing our Comfort Promise during a vaccination, we do whatever it takes to ease the pain. Because love stops at nothing, and neither do we.

The Story of Elaina

One typical morning, Elaina’s parents received a call about her bloodwork confirming the unexpected: “We think it’s leukemia.” Watch to hear her journey to remission, the challenges she’s overcome and the research still needed to provide more treatment options for Hispanic children diagnosed with cancer.

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Researching COVID in Children: From Hospitalization to Vaccination

Children's Mercy is conducting research focused on a deeper understanding of what can be done to prevent and treat COVID-19 in children.

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Tristyn smiling with chin on her hand.

Your Donation Makes a Difference

"My family calls me a warrior princess. That’s because I’m REALLY STRONG, and because I go to Children’s Mercy."

Tristyn, 12, patient with gastroschisis

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