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Imagine the Potential

Imagine the Potential

Imagine the Potential

Children’s Mercy Kansas City believes that every child deserves more. More everyday solutions to keep kids safe and healthy. More life-changing research to fight rare diseases. More working together, with parents, schools and our community. Because when we partner together, we can clear new paths for every child’s potential.


Bradley “Gage” Gulley smiling while holding a baseball glove in one hand at Village West.

Tommy John Surgery Recovery: Gage’s Story

A college catcher-turned-pitcher with a powerful arm faces the biggest challenge of his athletic career yet. The strong trust he built with the team at Children’s Mercy Sports Medicine Center is supporting his journey back to the mound.

Meet Gage
COVID testing done in car.

CMRI Investigators Explore Age-Related Differences in COVID-19 Infection

Study team finds a connection between a decrease in immune cells in the nose as age increases, likely contributing to the differences seen in the severity of respiratory diseases like SARS-CoV-2 infection.

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Norah, 9, smiling in a Rapunzel costume.

May is for Mothers

Make a donation by May 31st to make a life-changing difference for twice as many patients when your gift is matched.

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