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It's not perfect. It's parenting.

February 2021

Is my child too short? And other things explained by a pediatric endocrinologist

Many kids aren’t as tall as their classmates, both boys and girls. Often, parents worry that height might affect their kid’s ability to play sports, how their friends treat them, their self-esteem and even how successful they might be in life. But are their worries justified?

Fun Kansas City kids activities during a pandemic

This past year has been nothing less than interesting with COVID-19 changing our entire lives. With worry and fear, how do we still enjoy our lives and still give our kiddos the experiences they deserve outside of virtual learning? By practicing proper precautions, it is still possible to have those experiences outside of the house!

Vacuna contra COVID-19: 6 datos que necesita saber

Hay mucha información circulando sobre las vacunas contra COVID-19 y es importante que las personas estén informadas. Pero con tanta información disponible, también hay información errónea. Es por eso que recurrimos a nuestros expertos médicos para aclarar las cosas. A continuación, se incluyen seis datos que necesita saber sobre las vacunas contra COVID-19.   

Two young children play lego blocks together.

Understanding implicit bias, and why it affects kids

We all want the best for our kids. But when someone makes assumptions about your child before knowing them, it may negatively impact them. And the reality is we all make judgments and assumptions about people to some extent even when we don’t want to.

Young boy and grandma cutting heart paper garlands

Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day during COVID-19

In school and at home, Valentine’s Day is typically a fun day to trade friendship notes, messages of love and eat yummy treats. During the coronavirus pandemic, it still can be fun with a few slight differences to stay safe.

Run it back season! Football traditions for a Chiefs win

The whole town is painted red for our favorite football team, the Kansas City Chiefs. A few of our employees are sharing their game day traditions and superstitions they practice to guarantee a Chiefs win.

Newborn baby resting on mom's shoulder

How new parents can avoid social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic

Bringing home a new baby can be stressful for parents at any time, but COVID-19 has added a new layer of complication. But, with a little creativity, parents can still stay connected to their “village,” to each other and to themselves.