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April 2024

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Anxiety and depression: what parents and caregivers should know

Mental health is becoming more commonly talked about and less stigmatized, which is a step in the right direction. Still, many adults are unsure of how to support children’s mental wellbeing. Sadness and nervousness are normal human emotions, so how do you know what type of support to give your child? We’re sharing guidance from our clinical expertise to help you answer that question. 

What every parent should know about preventing child abuse

Everyone deserves to be respected, nurtured and loved. But many children and teens face a different reality. Caring adults need to be aware of the signs of child abuse and how they can help prevent it. 

Favorite children’s books for all ages

The saying goes “reading is good for the mind and soul.”  Books can expand your imagination and transport you to new places, take you on adventures and teach lessons along the way. Below, see some favorite books from elementary to high school, including some well-loved classics, and new favorites to add to your “to be read” list. 

Siblings helping siblings thrive

A sibling is often called a built-in best friend. The hope for parents is that the bond will continue with your children through all phases of life. But a new addition to the family also means a new role for your oldest child.  The oldest is there to show them ropes and the youngest is there to follow along and learn. However, in some families, that isn’t always the case.

Child on the street learning to potty train

Constipation: every parent’s favorite topic

It’s amazing how once you become a parent you begin to realize that talking about poop is just part of everyday conversation. Has your child pooped today? What was the consistency? What was the color?

4 things to know about seasonal allergies

We may still be seeing some chilly days, but allergies are in full effect. Chances are, if you’re not sneezing and itching, someone in your family is. Despite how common seasonal allergies are, many people still have questions about them. We hope to answer some of those so you and the kids in your life can find some relief.