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It's not perfect. It's parenting.

April 2019

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ideas for teens in summer

Stressing about what to do with your teen this summer? Relax. We have a few ideas.

Summer is coming. You have a teen at home. Did your heart just start pounding a little faster? Don’t freak out. We at Parent-ish have compiled a whole list of ideas to help keep your teen busy this summer.

potty training help

Is potty training your #1 (and #2) priority? Here's what you need to know.

As a pediatric psychologist, I work with a lot of parents who are struggling with potty training. So many, in fact, that several of them have taken to calling me their “Poopcologist.” I should probably just go ahead and put it on my business card.

morning success with kids

Morning success: Tips to make it out the door on time

There is nothing worse than starting off the day on the wrong foot. Whether its missing shoes or arguing over the importance of brushing teeth, it can be challenging to get yourself and your kids out the door so that everyone gets to their relative location on time.

snowplow parenting

Are you guilty of snowplow parenting?

If you follow the news, you might have learned a new term in the past few weeks: “snowplow parenting.” You may have even looked in the mirror, gasped, and thought, “ I do that?”