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It's not perfect. It's parenting.

June 2022

Young girl rides an inflatable tube down a waterpark slide.

Ways to steer clear of sickness from swimming

Swimming is one of the best highlights of summer for most kids. It’s a great way to beat the heat, stay active and have fun with friends. But one thing that is all too common during this time is catching a stomach bug. Here are some ways to keep the stomach bugs at bay while the kids play.

Mother comforting her sad teenage son

Ways to support LGBTQ children experiencing discrimination

Wanting your child to feel included, loved and supported is one of the top hopes for any parent. When children are discriminated against, it can leave both the family and the child feeling targeted and worried. Here are some ways to help a child feel supported if they are facing discrimination.

Life lessons from kids

Life is hard sometimes. There may be incredibly good times, and then really tough times. And maybe all on the same day! For some inspiration and wise words, we’re turning to kids to share their best advice on how to have a good day. Even in their short lives, we know some of the best tips come from kids!  

4 Summer job ideas for kids

While many kids are looking forward to the summer break as a chance to relax and have fun, some might want to earn some play money. Summer jobs are usually thought of as lawn mowing and lifeguarding, but I have some other things your teen may want to try.