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It's not perfect. It's parenting.

January 2024

Did they really just say that? Parents share their cringeworthy kid stories

If there’s one thing parents can know for sure…it’s that kids WILL say the darndest things. And, it’ll probably be in public, so there is an optimal chance for embarrassment. Sound familiar? You’re not alone! Our Parent-ish readers shared their cringeworthy stories so we can all share a laugh and commiserate about our embarrassment. 

Kids sick again? What to do about those pesky bugs going around

If it feels like the kiddos in your life are constantly coming down with something, it’s probably not your imagination. In the first 2 years of life, it is common for kids in daycare to be sick with respiratory illnesses 10 to 12 times per year. Nobody wants their children to be under the weather that much, but it is normal and generally not cause for worry. That said, we would like to put parents’ minds at ease with a few tips and tricks to deal with those pesky colds, flus and other common illnesses. 

Healthier eating in the new year is a resolution you can keep. No, really!

Be honest: How many days into the new year did you make it before you abandoned all those well-intentioned resolutions? It happens to the best of us. But as a parent, finding ways to implement healthier eating habits for your family is a constant priority — and struggle.