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July 2024

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Sleepwalking – answers to your frequently asked questions

As a parent, it can be scary to wake in the morning and find your child is not where you laid them down the night before. While it can be jarring to find your child was sleepwalking through the night, this is a benign condition, and there is usually no underlying cause. But parents still want answers – what are the causes, when should I be concerned and how do I keep my child safe? We cover all your FAQs in our recent blog.

Back-to-school checklist: Essential steps for a successful start

School is right around the corner and so is the task of making sure your kids are prepared. On top of regular supply list, we’ve created a list of commonly overlooked tasks to help ensure your kids are ready.

How to talk with kids about foster care

Kids often come to parents with questions we aren’t prepared to answer. We may panic and shut down the conversation, put them to sleep with a wordy monologue, or tell them to ask another parent. But those aren’t our only options for talking about complicated topics like foster care. We’ve gathered a few tips based on our experience to help you and your child have a productive conversation you can feel good about.