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It's not perfect. It's parenting.

January 2022

Mom consoles daughter as she has her hands to her mouth looking distraught.

How to talk to your kids about their first heartbreak

Our first love can be a highly emotional experience and the same goes for first heartbreak. It’s never easy to see your child hurting, but you can ease their struggle by remaining open and available to listen.

Young boy holds hand to throat and winces in pain.

All about strep throat

Along with all the other infectious diseases in our community right now, one we typically see in children is strep throat. Strep throat can feel awful and impact your energy and eating. Here’s what symptoms to be on the lookout for and ways to feel better.

Teaching healthy body image tips for kids

The weight loss industry is lucrative, and to make that money, its messages are everywhere. It’s hard to look anywhere without seeing recommendations about weight loss, the perfect look and ways to achieve your dream body. For kids (and adults), those messages can have a serious impact on body image.

Ways to help teen athletes through mistakes and losses

Sports and athletics expose our kids to great things like teamwork, discipline, an active lifestyle and many other positives. But, our young athletes are also going to experience mistakes and losses. Those can be a little scary.