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It's not perfect. It's parenting.

December 2020

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sister and brother fighting

Why siblings fight and what to do about it

Anyone who grew up with a sibling knows that fighting comes with the territory, but when our own kids get into it, it can be worrying. We wonder, “Are they creating lasting damage to each other?” or “Will they ever get along?”

7 great classic family friendly holiday movies

The holiday season brings along many of our favorite traditions. One we all can love is watching a classic holiday movie with the whole family. So, cuddle up with your warmest blanket, hot chocolate and the entire family for one of these great classics.

What every parent should know about preventing child trafficking

As nurses at Children’s Mercy, we see children in vulnerable circumstances every day, whether they are facing an illness, an injury or some other personal challenge that is preventing them from being healthy, happy-go-lucky kids.

How to talk about holiday gatherings this year

The holiday season is here and, this year, holiday stress has a whole new meaning. Decisions about whether and how to gather together are on everyone’s minds. We all want our loved ones to be safe and we all want to enjoy the holidays at the end of a difficult year.

Family on FaceTime

7 ideas to host a rocking virtual holiday party

Many families are choosing to not have extended family and friends over for the holidays this year because of COVID-19. But, that doesn’t mean the holidays can’t be fun. Here are a few ideas to get that holiday party popping – virtually!

Mom working at home

3 Ideas for working moms and companies to reduce the pressure of managing it all

As a working mom, I'm tired. I’ll just say it. The to-do list grows and grows and most days I add more than I subtract from this list. The line between the workday and home life has become blurred or erased all together.