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It's not perfect. It's parenting.

June 2019

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teenage girls lounging and playing on phone

Teens and periods: When is pain not normal?

When we hear the word “period,” most women think of the monthly menstrual period. Many of us have grown up associating periods with painful cramping and heavy bleeding, something that we just have to endure. But that’s simply not the case!

mom talking with daughter

Tips for talking to your kids about sexual orientation

Families are diverse and don’t look the same for each child. It’s not unusual for someone to have two mommies or two daddies. If your kids are curious – like most children are – they may ask you about it.

Dad holding up a baby

Not your father’s fatherhood: Modern wisdom from today’s dads

When many of today’s dads were children, the internet didn’t exist, blended families weren’t as common and stay-at-home dads were super rare. Dads on TV brought home the bacon, but were clueless in the kitchen, and many dads in real life took on more traditional roles in their families.

Family on a road trip

Get schooled with tips and survive the summer family road trip

School is out for summer and the time is right for all the summertime faves. Like hitting the pool, hosting a barbecue, catching a Royals game at The K, catching fireflies and of course, taking a family road trip! If the road is calling your family this summer, you are not alone.