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It's not perfect. It's parenting.

February 2023

Eating disorders: First warning signs

Eating disorders do not discriminate, anyone can develop one. Eating disorders are a serious but treatable mental illness. The quicker the behaviors are recognized and addressed, the more likely there is to be a positive outcome. Recently our team worked with parents from our Eating Disorders Parent and Family Advisory Council to develop a series of videos to help support the community. In the video below learn more about early warning signs of an eating disorder.

Marijuana edibles: Staying safe around kids

With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Missouri, we are seeing more children accidently consume marijuana edibles. As these foods often look like your everyday treats­—cookies, brownies, chocolate or gummy candies—children may eat them, unaware they contain marijuana. Despite preventive regulations for child-resistant packaging, warning labels and public health campaigns, unintentional ingestion continues to rise, so below are some frequently asked questions about the dangers of marijuana ingestion in children, how to safely secure these items and what to do if you expect your child has ingested edibles.