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It's not perfect. It's parenting.

May 2019

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Mom holds young daughter

How to talk with your kids about the “D” word

It’s the conversation no parent wants to have with their kids – the conversation about death. Death makes us uncomfortable and it can be hard to talk about, especially the first time your child brings it up out of the blue.

Food allergies: are more kids allergic to food or are we just more aware?

From peanut-free school lunches to gluten-free birthday parties. If it seems like more and more kids have food allergies these days – you’re not alone in that thought. Most likely you’ve even had discussions with other parents about how food allergies weren’t an issue when you were growing up, and that everyone ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches “back in our day.”

hospital help

Embracing your village. How to help those with a child in the hospital.

Health care is an avoidance topic, plain and simple. No one wants to think about being sick or worse yet, having a child sick and in the hospital. But realistically, we know that every day thousands of people across the Kansas City area are spending their day in the hospital helping care for a loved one.