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March 2024

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8 frequently asked questions about breastfeeding and pumping

Breastfeeding may be natural, but that doesn’t mean it comes without questions. Whether you’re breastfeeding for the first time or looking for answers because this experience is different from the last, Lactation Consultant Andrea Sanmiguel answers some of the most asked questions. 

End the dinner table battles: How to help your picky eater

It's not uncommon for toddlers and preschoolers to resist trying new foods. Even children who were adventurous foodies as infants can go through a picky phase. If your child puts up a fight at meal times, try to remember it's a normal occurrence for many kids and, most of the time, it doesn't mean anything is wrong. That said, we'd like to give you some tried and true tips to make feeding your kid more enjoyable for everyone involved.

The ABCs of sleep training: Let’s talk myths, tips and what ’sleeping through the night’ really means

Parenthood can feel like a rollercoaster in the first few months with broken sleep, learning your baby’s cries and cues and navigating your new role as a parent. One of the most common struggles new parents face is getting their baby to sleep! The value of sleep becomes priceless as you navigate weeks of broken sleep with your new baby. Enter the realm of sleep training - a term that might evoke various opinions and myths.

Attending large events following a tragedy

Our community is still processing the events of the post-Super Bowl parade. A day meant for celebration quickly turned into a nightmare for families who were in attendance, or even watching it on TV. As your family considers attending large events – sporting events, concerts, shows – that you once enjoyed, planning these activities now comes with extra concern.

Penicillin allergies: What parents need to know

Antibiotics in the penicillin family are among some of the best treatments for common childhood infections. But, penicillin is also the most commonly reporting drug allergy. Keep reading to learn answers to frequently asked questions about penicillin allergies you may want to know for your child.