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It's not perfect. It's parenting.

May 2021

Teenage girl stands in between library shelves, smiling at camera and holding books. She is wearing an employee badge.

How early work experience can positively impact kids

One of the best things I get to see in my role is the change in confidence in young adults after getting a job or starting a volunteer experience. In my role as the Project RISE manager at Children’s Mercy, I help teens and young adults find volunteer roles and employment. Within a month of starting their role, I often see an improvement in their self-worth, demeanor and confidence.

Parents beware: gruesome injuries caused by toys

Any parent or pediatrician can agree – children will try to swallow almost everything. Some say, there is nothing quicker on Earth than a child’s hand reaching for something they shouldn’t have. When kids are young, they use their mouth to explore the world. But, when they are playing with certain toys, it can be extremely dangerous.

Four rules of lawn mower safety

Spring has sprung! We all know what that means…mowing season has arrived. You probably have the one friend who LOVES to mow, but for most people it is a hot, sweaty and dirty task at the bottom of the “adulting” to-do list. Kids may even find the ride on lawn mowers exciting. But when it comes to kids and lawn mowers, things can turn dangerous quickly.

Young boy wears blue baseball uniform and holds bat over the plate while looking at the mound.

Why kids should be more than one-sport athletes

When we’re talking about student-athletes, there’s typically two camps of thinking. One camp thinks kids need to become experts in their chosen sport. I’m firmly in the other camp of having kids play in multiple sports, time for free play and having an offseason. Here's why.