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February 2024

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nurse helps young girl with hurt arm

When to go: Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care

The inevitable has happened - your child came down with an unforeseen illness or injury. And of course, it always happens when your doctor’s office is closed. So, the dilemma every parent faces …do you go to the Emergency Room (ER) or Urgent Care?

Burn awareness tips for the whole household

Whether it’s in the kitchen or another part of your home, follow these tips to keep your children safe from potential burns. 

Talking with teens about healthy relationships

Relationships are a vital part of life no matter what age we are. They help us learn about ourselves and the world around us, teach us valuable lessons and help us feel a sense of belonging. Teenagers are especially focused on peer relationships because they help build an individual’s sense of identity and are an important part of to their normal, healthy development. Whether they are engaging in friendships or romantic relationships, teens need guidance from trusted adults.

Resources for helping kids process the tragedy of the Super Bowl parade shootings

It’s never easy to talk about senseless violence with our kids. With your guidance, though, they can find a safe space to process what’s happened. To assist you in these tough conversations, we’ve outlined key ways you can help them, things to look for in your child and additional resources for support. 

Safe sleep tips so the whole family can get good zzz’s

When expecting a new baby, you’re prepared to get less sleep. But be sure to also prepare a safe sleep environment for baby – so when they are sleeping soundly, you can too. Safe sleep goes beyond the newborn stage, with standards to follow for toddlers and “big kids,” too.

Mom consoles daughter as she has her hands to her mouth looking distraught.

How to talk to your kids about their first heartbreak

Our first love can be a highly emotional experience and the same goes for first heartbreak. It’s never easy to see your child hurting, but you can ease their struggle by remaining open and available to listen.