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It's not perfect. It's parenting.

April 2022

The No. 1 rule about cleaning out earwax

Let’s set the scene - you look over at your kid and there’s a bunch of earwax in their ear. You may feel immediate panic to clean it out. There’s no way you can let them walk around like that. So, you run to get the cotton swabs you know you shouldn’t use. But, before you do anything, here’s the No. 1 rule about cleaning out earwax.

Close up of a child's back of the head while a doctor uses an otoscope to look in his ear.

Ear infections in children: What you can do and when it’s time for ear tubes

Ear infections are one of the most common medical issues among young children and can be frustrating for both parents and kids. As a parent, we know you want to do everything possible to keep your child healthy.  Here’s what to know about ear infections and when to talk to your doctor about discussing ear tubes.

Young teen looks at a pill bottle while in front of a mirror.

6 Ways to keep kids safe around medications

You might be pretty good at home security. Many people have doorbell cameras, security alarm systems, door locks, window locks and child locks. But have you ever thought about medication storage? Medications are often left in places where curious children can find them, like bathroom cabinets, purses and nightstands. It helps to have a strategy to prevent kids from accessing medications.

Ways to reduce chemicals in your child’s food

Almost every time you walk into the grocery store there is a new food item. It’s a wonder how the stores fit everything on the shelves. But have you ever wondered about the additives in all these foods? What’s really in our food besides food?

Young girl throws away a face mask in a playground trash can.

Kindness during unmasking

We have all been through a rough time these past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. When you look at everything that has happened, and everything that has changed, there is no doubt that COVID-19 has left a lasting impact. As we look forward to returning to normal activities and unmasking, please keep in mind the importance of kindness during this time of transition.