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It's not perfect. It's parenting.

Sometimes you need answers to the little everyday things that parents encounter. And sometimes, you just need someone to encourage you through all of the craziness and challenges of parenthood. Welcome to Parent-ish, a blog from the experts at Children's Mercy.

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Sleepwalking – answers to your frequently asked questions

As a parent, it can be scary to wake in the morning and find your child is not where you laid them down the night before. While it can be jarring to find your child was sleepwalking through the night, this is a benign condition, and there is usually no underlying cause. But parents still want answers – what are the causes, when should I be concerned and how do I keep my child safe? We cover all your FAQs in our recent blog.

Back-to-school checklist: Essential steps for a successful start

School is right around the corner and so is the task of making sure your kids are prepared. On top of regular supply list, we’ve created a list of commonly overlooked tasks to help ensure your kids are ready.

How to talk with kids about foster care

Kids often come to parents with questions we aren’t prepared to answer. We may panic and shut down the conversation, put them to sleep with a wordy monologue, or tell them to ask another parent. But those aren’t our only options for talking about complicated topics like foster care. We’ve gathered a few tips based on our experience to help you and your child have a productive conversation you can feel good about.  

Summer fun around Kansas City!

It’s sweet summertime, and we want you to make the absolute most of it! We’ve curated the perfect summer to-do list that will get you out of the house and bring you great summer memories. 

Growing your child’s emotional piggy bank

All humans have an emotional piggy bank, and throughout the day all your interactions result in a deposit or a withdrawal. All these little things add up, and if you’ve had more withdrawals than deposits, you may feel like you don’t have much left to give. As parents, you can make sure your children have plenty of deposits, so they can better deal with the withdrawals that come their way. 

Ways to handle homesickness

Staying the night at an aunt’s house or an overnight sleepaway camp is often the first chance a child experiences a go of independence. Even the most confident of kids may experience homesickness and there are ways parents can help.

Tips for new moms – from those who have been there

Becoming a mom for the first time is exciting…and sometimes, a little terrifying. You’re overwhelmed with love for your new bundle of joy, with the stress of taking on this new role, with questions that sometimes don’t have answers and the list goes on. It truly takes a village to raise a child, so we’ve tapped into our village of Children’s Mercy moms to share their advice, hacks and support for new moms.  

A thank you to nurses

Nurses do more than care for their patients medically. They are the hands the patients hold during times of uncertainty. They are the source of comfort and expertise families travel miles for. Their unwavering strength, commitment to their patients and inspiring work is why Children’s Mercy is Built for Kids

Anxiety and depression: what parents and caregivers should know

Mental health is becoming more commonly talked about and less stigmatized, which is a step in the right direction. Still, many adults are unsure of how to support children’s mental wellbeing. Sadness and nervousness are normal human emotions, so how do you know what type of support to give your child? We’re sharing guidance from our clinical expertise to help you answer that question. 

Favorite children’s books for all ages

The saying goes “reading is good for the mind and soul.”  Books can expand your imagination and transport you to new places, take you on adventures and teach lessons along the way. Below, see some favorite books from elementary to high school, including some well-loved classics, and new favorites to add to your “to be read” list. 

Siblings helping siblings thrive

A sibling is often called a built-in best friend. The hope for parents is that the bond will continue with your children through all phases of life. But a new addition to the family also means a new role for your oldest child.  The oldest is there to show them ropes and the youngest is there to follow along and learn. However, in some families, that isn’t always the case.

End the dinner table battles: How to help your picky eater

It's not uncommon for toddlers and preschoolers to resist trying new foods. Even children who were adventurous foodies as infants can go through a picky phase. If your child puts up a fight at meal times, try to remember it's a normal occurrence for many kids and, most of the time, it doesn't mean anything is wrong. That said, we'd like to give you some tried and true tips to make feeding your kid more enjoyable for everyone involved.

nurse helps young girl with hurt arm

When to go: Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care

The inevitable has happened - your child came down with an unforeseen illness or injury. And of course, it always happens when your doctor’s office is closed. So, the dilemma every parent faces …do you go to the Emergency Room (ER) or Urgent Care?

Burn awareness tips for the whole household

Whether it’s in the kitchen or another part of your home, follow these tips to keep your children safe from potential burns. 

Safe sleep tips so the whole family can get good zzz’s

When expecting a new baby, you’re prepared to get less sleep. But be sure to also prepare a safe sleep environment for baby – so when they are sleeping soundly, you can too. Safe sleep goes beyond the newborn stage, with standards to follow for toddlers and “big kids,” too.