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Life lessons from kids

Life is hard sometimes. There may be incredibly good times, and then really tough times. And maybe all on the same day! For some inspiration and wise words, we’re turning to kids to share their best advice on how to have a good day. Even in their short lives, we know some of the best tips come from kids!  

What would you say to a person who has had a tough day?

Gordon, age 4

Just say, “Hi!”

Rory, age 4

Eating cupcakes makes you feel better.

Kent, age 3

Do you want to play with me?

Zoie, age 10

I would use kind words.

Charlotte, age 18

If someone has had a tough day, I would remind them that it's OK to feel sad and upset sometimes, but also to know that it's only one day in countless others.

Zali, age 9

Maybe we can have a playdate?

What would you say to someone who is nervous?

Charlotte, age 18

If I am nervous or people around me are, I try to remind them that they are always their harshest critic and that there is nothing they have to fear.

Zali, age 9

Calm down, it's just something little and you can get through it!

What is something you've learned about people?

Charlotte, age 18

Something I have learned about people is that everyone has something they are going through at any given time so it is always best to be kind.

Zali, age 9

People are unique in their own ways!

What is your best life advice?

Charlotte, age 18

My favorite life advice is to never let fear keep you from doing something you think you will love; even if it goes wrong, at least you tried!

Zali, age 9

My favorite life advice is to keep trying and never give up on what you love!

Also, if someone doesn't believe that you can do something try your best, and believe that you can do it!