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Fun Kansas City kids activities during a pandemic

Updated January 2022.

This past year has been nothing less than interesting with COVID-19 changing our entire lives. With worry and fear, how do we still enjoy our lives and still give our kiddos the experiences they deserve outside of virtual learning? By practicing proper precautions, it is still possible to have those experiences outside of the house! Local businesses are working extremely hard to ensure you and your family that you are safe in their establishment.

Things to pack with you when you head out into the city to have some fun:

  • Masks. Mask requirements vary by city. If taking young ones out, how do you get a toddler to wear a mask? Good question. Buy them a mask with their favorite superhero, princess or cartoon character on it. They will think of it more as a fashion statement to show off to their friends than a nuisance. This article can help with ways to help get your child comfortable wearing a mask. 
  • Hand sanitizer. You seriously cannot sanitize too much right now! So, pack yourselves a big ol’ bottle of hand sani and use it after every activity. Target has so many different scents that kids will love!
  • Snacks. Having a long day out, kids will get cranky and want something to eat. Or will at least want something yummy to entertain them during any dull moment such as waiting in line for something. Remember, with social distancing, capacities are limited so there may be a wait to get in and we all know kids LOVE waiting. NOT! Be prepared with some fun snacks or games.
  • Water. I would bring bottles of water for everyone. Depending on where you go, you may not have water as easily accessible considering most businesses have disabled the use of their water fountains to limit the number of touched surfaces!

Things to remember while you are out and about:

  • If you are indoors, please remember to make sure that your and your children’s masks are up – covering both mouth and nose entirely. If you are outdoors and not in an area socially distanced from other groups or families, masks up.
  • When indoors or out, ensure you are maintaining the 6 feet apart rule. This will put you and others at ease even more.
  • Sanitize hands after each activity.

Now that we got that serious stuff out of the way, let’s talk about the awesome spots in Kansas City you and your kids can enjoy together!

  • Kansas City Zoo: This is a great activity in the midst of the pandemic. For one, animals make everyone happy! Secondly, it is mostly outdoors so for the most part, masks aren’t necessary, but of course, welcome if it makes you feel safer. The majority of the zoo attractions are open during COVID-19 and it also has strollers, wagons, wheelchairs and electric convenience vehicles for rent.
  • Powell Gardens: Located in Kingsville, Mo., Powell Gardens consists of 7 different outdoor gardens that contain different flower and plant life. There are so many educational opportunities for your kids and even yourself here! 
  • Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead: This is such a fun spot in Overland Park, on the Kansas side, for you and your kiddos to enjoy the outdoors. With over 250 animals and birds, kids have the opportunity to learn more about them, how to grow flowers and vegetables, experience Kanza Indian encampment, a one-room schoolhouse, or take a stroll to the fishing pond! 
  • Crown Center: A great spot for families in the heart of Kansas City! You can grab lunch at Fritz’s where they deliver your lunch from a train that rides around the ceiling, which kids absolutely adore, and then you can hop over to either SEALife or Legoland to see ocean life or use their creativity to build things. So many educational opportunities while also having so much fun! The Hallmark Visitors Center and Kaleidoscope are temporarily closed due to COVID-19, but most places at Crown Center are open.
  • Union Station: Explore Union Station with your kids, even just walking through the building is exciting. Here, they can check out the humongous display of model trains. There is so much nostalgia in these trains that parents will also have a great time! Then hop on over to Science City to learn about science through hands-on fun!
  • My Play Café: A fun spot for both parents and kids! This is an indoor playground mostly meant for younger kids that are toddler-aged, but older siblings are also allowed to come play, too. While they are playing, mom or dad can grab a coffee. This facility does limit capacity to abide by COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Wonderscope: Wonderscope Children’s Museum is a new experience for kids in Kansas City. Located in south Kansas City, Wonderscope is a great place to learn about science, technology, engineering, arts and math with both indoor and outdoor interactive exhibits.
  • Museum at Prairiefire: Another great spot for learning and hands-on activities. You can learn so much about science, culture, art and natural history in this beautiful and fun space. Each of these spots also provides different classes for kids to dive into learning and making it fun!

I hope you found this list to be helpful and will help make you feel comfortable taking your kids out in public safely. We all love supporting local businesses while also providing our kids with the social experiences they need! Follow me on Instagram for more fun local happenings @kclocalevents.  

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