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It's not perfect. It's parenting.

Sometimes you need answers to the little everyday things that parents encounter. And sometimes, you just need someone to encourage you through all of the craziness and challenges of parenthood. Welcome to Parent-ish, a blog from the experts at Children's Mercy.

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What Constipation In Kids Looks Like And What You Can Do

Did you know constipation in kids can look like a lot of other things? You may be surprised to learn constipation in kids is often underdiagnosed and the right diagnosis can help your child finally get relief. Here are some signs to look for when you suspect constipation and how to get unstuck.

Dyslexia: It’s more than mixing up letters

Reading and writing are critical to success in school, so it can be frustrating for students, teachers, and parents when a kid struggles in those subjects. One reason why some children have difficulty learning is because they have dyslexia. The good news is--kids with dyslexia can manage these difficulties. We’re sharing helpful information and resources about dyslexia so your child can learn to enjoy reading and writing.

Medication 101: What you may not realize about medicines

Here’s a fact that will knock your socks off – a medicine cabinet is one of the worst places to store medicine. It’s true! It shouldn’t even be called a medicine cabinet because storing medicine in the bathroom where temperatures and humidity can get high is one of the least stable places to keep medicine. Let’s run through a few other things you may not realize about medications.

Creating a Community of Support: Advice for parents of kids with a new medical diagnosis

As parents, we plan and prepare for all kinds of things – shopping for baby gear, finding the right school, meal prep, you name it. But one thing most of us are totally unprepared for is how to handle an unexpected diagnosis, serious illness or other medical complication with our child.

Preventing heat-related illness for student-athletes

Preparing for the return of school sports can any student-athlete excited, but during these hot summer months as the temperatures continue to rise, it’s important to be aware of heat-related illnesses. You don’t have to just be a football player doing 2-a-day outdoor workouts to be affected by heat stroke and heat-related illnesses. Anyone can be at risk. Here are some steps to help keep your student-athlete safe from the heat.

When do you need a bike helmet? Your bike safety questions answered.

We all love the freedom and fun bikes can bring for children. It’s such a fun milestone for any kid when they move from training wheels to only using 2 wheels. Then, they can go on long family bike rides or zip over to their friend’s house. Even bike to school! As you start to hit the road, remember these bike safety tips.

A young girl holds her hands to her chest and breathes in during an asthma doctor's appointment.

Updated asthma guidelines and how they affect kids

In terms of updating asthma guidelines, not much has changed in over 13 years – until recently. With the recent 2020 National Institutes of Health (NIH) report, there’s a new way to help children who have asthma, and it may impact how your child is treating their asthma now.

Teacher is working with a young boy in a classroom and he is not paying attention.

ADHD: What parents need to know

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) has received a lot of media coverage over the past decade. Sometimes it gives families helpful knowledge and at other times it can cause confusion or fear about this common diagnosis. Here’s what you really need to know about ADHD.

How to keep the kids busy this summer

Ahh...summer. One of the most popular seasons for kids. They’re out of school and get to… to… well, what should they do? For those times when you’re ready to pull your hair out to keep them entertained, try these tips.

Woman sprays bug repellant on young child while outside in a woody area.

Stick it to ticks this summer – easy ways to avoid, remove and treat tick bites

As we kick off the summer season, there’s a lot to be excited about—sunshine, family vacations and tons of outdoor fun. But one thing to remember as your family is outside more often is to check for ticks after playing, hiking or exploring tall grass or wooded areas. 

Things to know about tonsillectomy

We’ve all been to the doctor where they check your vitals, heart, lungs and neck, among other things. But, what are they even checking in the mouth? It’s the tonsils! For kids, this is the part where they stick out their tongue and say “ahhh.” But, when their tonsils are causing problems, it may be time for a tonsillectomy.

Young girl rides an inflatable tube down a waterpark slide.

Ways to steer clear of sickness from swimming

Swimming is one of the best highlights of summer for most kids. It’s a great way to beat the heat, stay active and have fun with friends. But one thing that is all too common during this time is catching a stomach bug. Here are some ways to keep the stomach bugs at bay while the kids play.

Mother comforting her sad teenage son

Ways to support LGBTQ children experiencing discrimination

Wanting your child to feel included, loved and supported is one of the top hopes for any parent. When children are discriminated against, it can leave both the family and the child feeling targeted and worried. Here are some ways to help a child feel supported if they are facing discrimination.

Life lessons from kids

Life is hard sometimes. There may be incredibly good times, and then really tough times. And maybe all on the same day! For some inspiration and wise words, we’re turning to kids to share their best advice on how to have a good day. Even in their short lives, we know some of the best tips come from kids!  

4 Summer job ideas for kids

While many kids are looking forward to the summer break as a chance to relax and have fun, some might want to earn some play money. Summer jobs are usually thought of as lawn mowing and lifeguarding, but I have some other things your teen may want to try.