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The Aftercare Program provides support and education to promote the health and healing of those experiencing a loss.

Art therapists use the art making process to help children and families express themselves, take risks and experiment.

Child life specialists help make the hospital experience easier and more comfortable for patients and families.

Our two facility dogs, Hunter and Milly, provide comfort, motivation, and smiles to many of our patients and families.

Home Care staff provide education, encouragement and support to patients and their families at home.

Music therapists use music to support patients and families during the hospital experience.

Palliative Care provides support for infants, children and adolescents with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

Chaplains provide emotional and spiritual support to patients, families and staff.

Information about support programs for patients and families.

Find information and tips for procedures and for staying at the hospital.

A focus on care

Families are essential to the well-being and health of each patient. Families are important partners for the quality and safety in the care of their loved one. Families know their children best.

Children's Mercy values patient- and family-centered care. Patient- and family-centered care is a shared way of caring for patients. Staff respect the knowledge, skills, and experience that families give when making health care decisions. The family and health care team work together to make treatment plans and goals.