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Hospital-Based School

The Hospital-Based School Program at Children’s Mercy provides efficient and effective educational experiences for the hospital school-aged population who choose to accept their services. School services including working to establish a positive learning climate of success for students with chronic and serious medical conditions, and providing academic work at their instructional level, cognitive stimulation, and a sense of normalcy while they are hospitalized. This service is integral to achieving the Children’s Mercy Hospital mission of improving the health and wellbeing of children.

Why School Services are Helpful

Children’s Mercy Hospital provides school services for all school age patients needing instruction in all subject areas during admission. Our teachers have graduate and undergraduate degrees in education and additional state certifications required by the Department of Education. Each of our teachers participate in professional development to stay current with best practices in the field of education. Benefits to patients using school services include:

  • Reducing levels of anxiety by knowing a certified teacher can help meet learning targets.

  • Individualizing academic instruction with hands-on relevant lessons.

  • Exercising choice in what, when, and how they learn.

  • Giving patients an opportunity to keep pace with school work by contacting that child’s school.

Program Highlights


  • School services are available for patients in the hospital on the Adele campus Monday through Friday.

  • Hospital-based teachers and academic volunteers are ready to assist you and your family with school needs.

  • We provide assistance with homework, reading materials, educational games, and school materials and supplies.

Contact Us

Patients, parents, and school personnel can request help with school needs by calling (816) 302-9014, emailing, or letting your nurse, social worker, or child life specialist know you'd like to talk with a certified teacher.