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Sports medicine services designed specifically for teen athletes

Sports Medicine Center

Student athletes need specialized care when being treated for an injury. Injuries to children and adolescents can be very different from those experienced by adults. That’s why the team at the Sports Medicine Center at Children’s Mercy is uniquely trained to care for the needs of teen and adolescent athletes.

Scheduling an appointment

You can schedule an appointment with us by calling 816-701-HURT. 

What to expect during your visit

Our goal is to evaluate acutely injured patients within 48-72 hours of an injury. During your visit, you’ll see a board-certified physician who is trained to care for adolescent athletes. Patients will have a thorough evaluation, which will include X-rays and other tests if needed. We also provide direct access to other teams in the hospital for additional care, if services such as surgery or advanced imaging, are needed.

Teenage athletes heal differently than adults


The Sports Medicine Center provides 24 certified athletic trainers to area high schools and club organizations as well as the NAIA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament. Our athletic trainers are certified, licensed healthcare professionals whose primary concern is the optimal health of student athletes. Having a certified athletic trainer present at games and practices ensures your student athletes are safer.

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Children’s Mercy is the official healthcare and sports medicine provider for Sporting Kansas City Academy and the National Training and Development Center in Kansas City, Kan.

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