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PEEPS (Patients Encouraging and Engaging Peer Support)

What is PEEPS?

Patients Encouraging and Engaging Peer Support (PEEPS) is a program that matches teen patients (mentees) with positive young adult role models (mentors) who have had similar medical experiences.

Many young adults with life changing medical experiences were also teens when they had these experiences. For this reason, they have a unique ability to understand and support teens who are currently dealing with similar experiences.

Mentors and mentees have occasional phone or email contact with each other.

Who’s Who?



  • Ages 18-26

  • Able to share their personal experience with a medical diagnosis, life changing event or a disability

  • Interested in offering their support as a role model to encourage patients ages 13 and older



  • Ages 13 and older

  • Interested in gaining information that is important to their personal goals

  • Interested in having a friendly, non-medical person to share concerns with as well as successes

  • Interested in learning ways to advocate for themselves and increase their confidence

  • Mentors and mentees will not give medical advice or offer financial assistance to each other

As PEEPS mentors, we share unique perspectives with patients and families living through life changing medical experiences. We have been there and have been through our own, yet similar, experiences.

Children's Mercy teen patient