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Child Life Programs and Services
Child Life Programs and Services

Child Life Programs

The Child Life Department has created a variety of programs to support patients and families during their time in the hospital.

Playgroups and Evening Programs

These are designed to help inpatients learn, play, or talk with other patients. The Child Life specialist, the patient's nurse, and the medical team decide when a patient is ready to attend playgroups and evening programs.

Health Care Play

Patients receive hands-on opportunities to learn about medical supplies and equipment. This helps patients become more comfortable with equipment used during the clinical experience.


Our Child Life Specialists use child-friendly terms, pictures, and models to help patients understand what to expect during a procedure. 

Procedure Support

We provide support to enhance positive patient and family coping during procedures.  Examples include promoting parental participation and using diversion and relaxation techniques.

Family Support

Our team provides support services to help ease stress and anxiety families experience when a child is receiving care. 

Facility Dog Program

School Re-entry

STAR Power

Teen Boards

Children's Mercy Hospital provides dedicated resources to meet the unique health care needs of adolescents. Our goal is to empower teenagers with the knowledge and confidence to take an active role in their care. 


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