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Interpreters and Sign Language

To provide the best care for our patients, the Children's Mercy staff must understand the art and science of medicine.

Our physicians, nurses and support staff must also understand many languages, cultures and values.

Children's Mercy provides language and sign interpretation for patients and families. Contract interpreters and multilingual employees are used to fill the request for 63 different language and sign needs.

TDD/TTY (816) 234-3816

  • CMH Kansas - Lobby near 1st floor elevator

  • CMH Northland - Room 120, 1st floor

To Secure an Interpreter, Call

Language services are provided free of charge.

Trained staff can provide interpretation services to all patients and families with limited English proficiency. Interpreter services include facilitating communication between Children's Mercy staff and patients and families, facilitating phone communication, and assisting with translation of medical information, discharge instructions and consent forms.


Interpreting Services (all languages) are available by request and for emergencies by paging (816) 821-1381 or by calling (816) 234-3474. A Spanish-speaking interpreter is available on-site seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Telephone Resources

Dual handset telephones are available in same-day surgery, intensive care nursery, orthopedic clinic, outpatient pharmacy, teen clinic admissions, Children's Mercy Kansas and Children's Mercy Northland Clinic.