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IBD Patient Family Advisory Council Member Service Description

Location: Children’s Mercy Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic

Assignment: PFAC member

Days/Hours: Bi-Monthly meeting alternating Friday evening or Saturday morning

Organization: Children’s Mercy Family Advisory Board serves as the Oversight Group

Vision: To co-produce the highest level of care for the pediatric IBD patients and families at Children’s Mercy

Mission: Families and IBD health care providers working together to improve outcomes and create exceptional service.


  1. Act as an advisory resource to the IBD health care providers.
  2. Serve a minimum of a 2 year term.
  3. Attend all PFAC meetings.
  4. Provide patient and family perspective on policies, procedures, and practices of the IBD program.
  5. Represent all Children’s Mercy IBD families.
  6. Serve as an advocate for Children’s Mercy and Children’s Mercy IBD Clinic.
  7. Maintain confidentiality of any sensitive information shared during meetings.
  8. Be an active participant in online conversations and in person meetings.
  9. Be willing to aid in additional project work, when possible.
  10. Complete all necessary requirements to serve as a IBD PFAC volunteer (including application, background check, and yearly online training).


  1. A parent or caregiver of a child who receives services in the IBD clinic of CMH or of a child who has transferred to adult care within the last 2 years.
  2. Ability and commitment to attend PFAC meetings.
  3. Maintain an open mind regarding the values, opinions and beliefs of others.
  4. Ability to share both positive and negative experiences in a constructive way.
  5. Strong desire and passion to help fulfill the mission and vision of the PFAC.
  6. Comply with CMH policies regarding confidentiality and HIPAA.