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POPS (Parents Offering Parent Support)

The Parents Offering Parent Support (POPS) program is a network of trained parent volunteers who mentor other parents through the challenges of their child's health condition. POPS offers guidance and encouragement by matching parents with compassionate mentors who have been through the same experiences with their own children.

Parents and mentors can connect through ways that are comfortable for both parties. Interaction may take place through email, phone conversations or text messaging.  Meeting with a mentor in person is optional but not required.

Examples of mentorship


  • Coping with the emotional challenges of a new diagnosis

  • Building your child's health care needs into the daily routine

  • Advice on transitioning back to school

  • Maintaining energy while meeting complex demands

  • Meeting long-term care needs such as chronic conditions or transplant recovery

  • Sharing unique perspectives such as being a single parent or having limited access to resources

  • Getting regular, positive encouragement to overcome challenges

How to request a POPS mentor

Parents interested in peer support are encouraged to complete the form below. A Children’s Mercy Parent Support Program Coordinator will match parents with suitable mentors who have completed the required training.

Request a POPS mentor (English or Spanish)


How to become a POPS mentor

Parents interested in becoming a POPS mentor are invited to complete the application below. Applicants must be a current or former Children’s Mercy parent or guardian who is at least one year past diagnosis.

Become a POPS mentor (English or Spanish)