Consejo Consejo de Familias Latinas y Hispanas
Consejo Consejo de Familias Latinas y Hispanas

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The Latino/Hispanic Family Advisory Board (Consejo) was created in March of 2008 from a collaboration of staff who recognized the importance of formally including the voice of Spanish-speaking families in hospital improvement. The Consejo compliments the existing Family Advisory Board (FAB), an English-speaking parent advisory group for the hospital. A group of parents were identified through various hospital employees and clinic areas to be a part of a brainstorming session to determine the resources necessary for such a group. The first meeting took place at the Ronald McDonald House Community Room with 8 parents present. Several of the parents who were part of the initial group remain on the Consejo at this time. 

The Consejo meets monthly and any parent, or caregiver, of a patient may apply for membership to the group. Please direct questions and interested persons to the e-mail below for more information. 

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