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Kreamer Resource Center for Families Community Resources

Resources for families


Networks, Resources and Directories
These sites will help you find many metro, state, and national resources for health information, financial assistance, counseling, clothing, food, transportation, and other support.

Hospital-Based Libraries
The first place to get information about your child's specific condition is from your doctors. You also can find health information from hospital libraries and public libraries near you. Medical librarians can help you find books, videos, websites, literature, support groups, and other resources to answer your questions

Public Libraries
Librarians can help you find books, videos, websites, support groups, and other resources to answer your questions. Anyone living in the Kansas City metro area may register for a library card to access books and online resources!

Books and Websites
See our list of books that are written especially for you and your child. If you are looking for medical information to help you, makes sure to check these websites for information you can trust.

Community Support Organizations
Check out these support organizations in the greater Kansas City area to help you and your family's needs. You can browse their websites to learn more about them, and you can contact them by phone.

Camps for Kids
Summer camps for children are a great way for them to have a fun, distinct social experience.. There are special camps to help support children with illnesses, grieving, and other situations that life brings. You can browse these websites to learn more about these supportive camps.

School is a very important part of a child's life as preparation for the future. You should know your child's rights if your child has special needs. These resources will allow you to learn more about your child's rights to the best possible education.

Accessible Homes and Assistive Technology
These resources will help you learn more about home modifications and technology to reduce mobility barriers. People with disabilities deserve a confortable home to fit their mobility needs and access to technology to use for mobility and communication in their everyday lives.

Accessible Transportation
These resources will help you learn more about vehicle modifications and vehicle options to reduce transportation barriers. People with disabilities have special transportation needs and deserve the utmost confort and safety when using transportation.

Recreation Therapy, Pet Therapy, and Service Animals
The therapeutic touch of pets and volunteers for people bound by their illness is special for all pediatric patients. Pets visit people in local hospitals, shelters, treatment centers and nursing homes in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Recreation therapy can make the child's experience a social one and a meaningful one.

Traveling and Safety
Children of all ages have special safety needs while traveling in a car, on a plane, or when going on a vacation. These resources will show you what to do or who to talk to about staying safe.

Money Matters
Caring for a chronically ill child can be expensive! Get to know your health insurance plan and what it covers. To contest, or argue, a denial of claim, refer to your insurance plan. Ask your doctor for a letter that explains why the tests, procedures, or other medical care were needed. Check with your employer's Human Resources department or bebefit's Specialist for help with claims.

Faith-based Resources
If you belong to a religious or spiritual community, the people in it can be a great support to you. Many faith-based organizations are also able to fund and staff regular programs and services for their members or even for the general community, regardless of faith. Allow your community to help you when you need it, knowing that one day you can "pay it forward" by helping others.

End-of-Life Concerns
The resources listed below may help you with decisions you may make if your child if approaching the end of life. Hospital chaplains, palliative care teams, social workers, and hospice personnel can help you think through these issues and express your wishes to the other people involved. Discuss the option of hospice care with your healthcare team. Hospice care can offer the child and the family emotional support, comfort measures, and care. Kansas City has hospice programs for young adults, children, and infants.

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