Teen Advisory Board Accomplishments
Teen Advisory Board Accomplishments

Teen Advisory Board Accomplishments


  • Provided a Ronald McDonald House meal
  • Finished revising surgery teaching video
  • Completed book drives
  • Provided a teen inpatient scavenger hunt event
  • Purchased Nooks for inpatients to use through the Hospital Based Teachers
  • Volunteered in the Emergency Department waiting room numerous times, making dolls with patients and siblings
  • Provided suggestions of additional artwork for online send eCards
  • Taste tested room service food options
  • Provided feedback on IBD patient educational materials
  • One member spoke at the Council on Violence Prevention education session on Teen Bullying
  • Provided ideas for 3D Art Galaxy projects
  • Reviewed Transition Program information for Rheumatology
  • Reviewed and updated Teen Guidelines/Rules
  • Met with Web Marketing Manager to give feedback on CMH website
  • Provided input on XAM Tees (clothing for patients with central lines and ports)
  • Overall, provided recommendations/feedback to many groups on many projects



  • Brainstormed, developed and implemented innovative volunteer programs specific to TAB members
  • Provided suggestions to Volunteer Services Department to aid volunteers in facilitating successful interactions with teenage patients
  • TAB initiated and maintained a Facebook TAB page
  • Reviewed scripts for the new Surgery video
  • Partnered with Child Life to sell t-shirts for a fundraising project
  • Prepared and served a meal at the Ronald McDonald House
  • Three members represented Children's Mercy patients in thanking Major League Baseball for donating a new video game cart
  • Several book drives which brought in over 10,000 books and $1000 to support patients having access to books and reading opportunities
  • One member represented Children's Mercy during a visit from a music recording artist
  • Provided advice for the start up of an adjunct oncology teen advisory group

  • The 2011 Teen Advisory Board committed to facilitating positive change and experiences for children and families at Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics. The Board welcomed new members and transitioned three to adult care.
  • Early in 2011 the group started fundraising efforts for a new Same Day Surgery video by selling retractamal name tags and the fundraiser lasted the entire year.
  • Several meetings were spent brainstorming and goal setting for the new surgery video.
  • The group gave feedback to Cardiology on CPR training for high school students.
  • Several members prepared and served a meal at the Ronald McDonald House.
  • The group participated in Diversity Day.
  • One member received the "Spirit of Philanthropy Youth Award".
  • The group held several game and movie nights for other teens in the hospital.
  • Several members attended volunteer orientation.
  • The group started working with Administrative Fellows to plan teen night activities for 2012.
  • The board gave feedback to the Cardiac transplant team for a smartphone application.
  • Several members gave feedback to chapel programming and Turning Point.
  • Several members worked on a video project with Communications and Marketing.
  • The group gave teen friendly suggestions to the Kreamer Resource Center for Families.
  • Two members represented Children's Mercy patients in thanking donors for three new video game carts.
  • TAB Supported many additional projects impacting hospital policies, procedures and literature.
  • The Teen Advisory Board is honored to provide support and be a resource here at Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics and is already planning future opportunities for 2012.

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