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Failure to Thrive

Ready Set Grow is a program which assesses and addresses pediatric undernutrition, also known as Failure to Thrive. Undernutrition is a major pediatric concern as it may have long-term effects on a child’s growth, brain development and social development. This program provides support and resources to assist families in their desire to optimize their child’s nutrition.

Ready Set Grow Clinic

The Ready Set Grow Clinic is located in the Gastroenterology (GI) Clinic on the first floor of the Outpatient Center at the Adele Hall Campus at 2401 Gillham Road in Kansas City. Our team is available to see patients Monday through Friday.

Our team

The Ready Set Grow team has extensive experience with the many facets of pediatric undernutrition and work together with the family to establish mutual goals and strategies to achieve these goals. The team consists of a medical provider, nurse, registered dietitians, social workers. In addition, the Ready Set Grow team has other specialists available to assist with specific issues which may be contributing to a child’s undernutrition.

Who we see

We see children from birth to 18 years of age. Children typically referred to our clinic are below the 3rd percentile for weight, have had weight loss, or have had a significant decline in their weight gain or growth over a period of time. Our patients vary in medical complexity and can include those that are essentially healthy with little medical history, to those with complex medical conditions.

What to expect

The initial evaluation in the Ready Set Grow Clinic usually takes about two hours. During this time each member of our team will obtain detailed information pertinent to your child’s care. You will leave our clinic with a treatment plan designed specifically for your child. Because our initial visits are long, it is helpful if you can bring something for your child to eat and drink, which also gives us the opportunity to watch your child eat and identify if there is a need for a feeding evaluation.

After your visit

Our plan will include nutritional information to help your child grow and gain weight, and may also include medical treatment including testing or labs, consultation requests for other specialty clinics, occupational therapy evaluations, and medications if needed. Our social worker will identify resources that can help make sure that your family’s needs are being met . Follow-up evaluations are typically shorter in duration and usually last one hour. At these visits we will review the child’s feeding, monitor growth, as well as identify any barriers to reaching your child’s growth goals. You may be asked to get weight checks at your PCP’s office between our visits to ensure that your child is growing as expected. The number of follow up visits in our clinic varies depending on how your child grows and gains weight.