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Children’s Mercy cares for children with all kinds of orthopedic concerns. Our providers are trained in the most current diagnostic and treatment methods to work toward the best possible outcome for your child.

In some cases, orthopedic conditions in early childhood are normal variations that your child may outgrow. In other cases, treatment options such as bracing, casting, or surgery might be appropriate.

Your Orthopedic care team will work with you to find the treatment approach that is best for your child.

Evaluating your child’s condition

For many families, your first visit to the Orthopedic clinic will be with one of our advanced practice providers. This team of specially trained advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) work with kids with various orthopedic conditions every day. APRNs have additional degrees and certifications and work alongside our surgeons to provide expert care.


At your first appointment, the provider will:

  • Complete a thorough physical examination
  • Talk with you about your child’s medical and developmental history
  • Set up any lab tests, X-rays or other testing your child might need
Children's Mercy is an American College of Surgeons Verified Center

After that, your provider will recommend next steps for you. These might include:

  • A period of watchful waiting that includes periodic follow-up appointments
  • A referral to an orthopedic surgeon
  • A recommendation for a treatment plan such as bracing or casting

In many cases, your child’s condition can be treated without surgery. For conditions that do require surgery, Children’s Mercy has a comprehensive team of pediatric experts ready to care for your child.



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