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Our program has 12 fulltime fellowship trained pediatric orthopedic surgeons and four fulltime non operative pediatric sports specialists serving a large Midwest region with over 40,000 outpatient visits a year and a very busy trauma center.

The fellow would learn in a variety of settings including a tertiary care level 1 trauma center, a pediatric satellite hospital and multiple clinics throughout the greater Kansas City area.

Program highlights

  • Fellow would learn contemporary spine care with O-arm navigation, Video-assisted Transthoracic Vertebral Body Tethering, Magnetically Controlled Growth Rods, Mehta casting and use of the EOS radiography with Stereos

  • Busy operative and non-operative sports group with exposure to a state of the art 26,000 sq ft sports assessment and rehab facility housed next to Sporting KC staffed by our group

  • Training in current trauma reconstruction methods with our trauma specialists

  • Opportunity to develop subspecialty interests in CP including gait lab, upper extremity, child and adolescent hip reconstruction, clubfoot

  • Opportunity to rotate through amputee, spina bifida, brachial plexus, skeletal dysplasia clinics

  • Research support and opportunities with a research coordinator and databases in trauma, sports and spine from which to launch studies

A one-year program

The year is divided into four three month rotations; spine, general and lower extremity, sports and trauma and upper extremity/elective. The final months can be tailored to the individual interests.

Academic curriculum

Learn the specialized curriculum offered for the Pediatric Orthopedic Fellowship.

Faculty and fellows

Meet the team of fellows and faculty for this Pediatric Orthopedic fellowship.

Apply for the program

The Pediatric Orthopedic Fellowship participates in the San Francisco Match. Applications are accepted through SF Match and we train one fellow each year.

Learn more about the application process.


Inside Pediatrics: Kaysen's Story

Five-month-old Kaysen's shoulder nerves were damaged, so he couldn't bend or lift his right arm. A 6-hour surgery at Children's Mercy helped to rebuild his nerve pathways. Now, with the help of his parents and occupational therapy, Kaysen is learning to build strength and control in his arm.

Inside Pediatrics: Martin's story

Go inside the operating room to see surgeons give young Martin the gift of greater movement.

Inside Pediatrics: Anthony's Story

Anthony was born with an upper spine deformity; a 4-hour surgery replaced his deformed upper vertebrae with metal plates and rods. During surgery, Dr. Richard Swend used telemedicine to share knowledge with colleagues observering the procedure in the Ukraine.

Inside Pediatrics: Ellie's Story

Teenaged Ellie had adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. After a 5-hour surgery to correct her spinal curvature, she is 2 inches taller and is taking a dance class. 

Our Pediatric Orthopedic Fellowship team

John Anderson, MD
Fellowship Director
(816) 234-3693

Caroline Tougas, MD
Associate Fellowship Program Director

Danelle Vogt, MBA
Program Coordinator
(816) 983-6875