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We keep you feeling good.

Children’s Mercy believes that our workforce is our most important asset to the organization and keeping our people healthy is key to our success. Whether it be through resident classes, wellbeing resources or professional development – we’re constantly finding new ways to support our people, so they can support the communities that need care.

Center for Wellbeing

The mission of the Center for Wellbeing is to promote wellbeing through respect, awareness and mindful balance; supporting ALL Children's Mercy team members in making significant contributions to those they serve.  The vision of the Center for Wellbeing is to foster a culture of wellbeing, providing work/life fulfillment for ALL Children's Mercy team members and the healthcare community.  The Center for Wellbeing has robust programs that serve to create an environment of wellbeing and foster joy in the workplace.  Initiatives include:


·        Elevating meaningful work in tandem with reducing non-meaningful work

·        Fostering a sense of community among team members

·        Analyzing impacts of moral distress and burnout

·        Integrating a culture of wellbeing and belonging through enterprise-wide engagement

·        Support for distressed staff after unexpected difficult experiences at work or home

·        Brief crisis intervention

·        Community referrals for mental health and other support services

·        Mindfulness-based stress reduction classes and daily Mindful moments to help develop healthy coping skills

·        Dedicated support for residents, fellows and other staff members in training

·        Comforting visits from our facility dogs

·        Support for leaders serving distressed staff

Emotional-Mental Wellbeing

GME focused Clinical Licensed Social Worker – 1:1 Support (In person, location flexible or virtually)

·        Brief support for distressed staff

·        Brief crisis intervention

·        Community resources


ComPsych Employee Assistance Program

  1. ·        No-cost emotional support to address stressors


Physical Wellbeing

·       All employees have access to the Take Care Employee Clinic and Pharmacy which includes primary, preventative, and urgent care, including minor medical procedures.

The Onsite Employee Fitness Center is in the lower level of the Holmes Office Center (2220 Holmes) on the Adele Hall Campus and operated by Corporate Fitness Works (CFW), a national fitness management and consulting company.  The facility offers 1,600 square feet of workout space accommodating 36 people at a time and 800 square feet for classes of up to 16 participants.  Membership is only $16 a month.  Trainees who rotate at the University of Kansas Medical Center also have access to their fitness center. 


Several young adults pose together on a miniature golf course.

Financial Wellbeing

·      The Children’s Mercy Employee Assistant Programs offers financial counseling, including debt counseling, help with credit card or loan problems, as well as estate planning, tax questions and saving for college.

The Children’s Mercy Financial Assistance Program Provides financial assistance for past due bills, medical bills, loss of residence and to assist with funeral expenses associated with the death of a family member.

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Retreats and activities


Resident classes and fellowships offer annual retreats focused on team building, philanthropy, educational workshops and having f

un together.

The Resident Wellness Committee organizes popular events like ax-throwing, group karaoke, bowling, and trips to the pumpkin patch. Children and significant others are encouraged to attend, too. Other resident committees, including the Diversity, UNITED, and Advocacy committees, unify those with similar interests and backgrounds. 

Our Fellows Community creates opportunities to fellows from across disciplines to forge relationships as they learn about work-life balance, study skills, contract negotiation and stress management.   

Several young adults sit together at a table in a painting cafe.

Aligning Support Across Providers (ASAP)

ASAP is an interdisciplinary team with representatives from chaplaincy, palliative care, social work and the Center for Wellbeing. ASAP is conducting a pilot program to provide immediate support for staff members who experience distress after any kind of traumatic event. 

Professional development


The Office of Faculty Development, in conjunction with the Center for Wellbeing and other entities, provides skill building and social opportunities to support trainee and faculty wellness.