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Graduate Medical Education Awards

Children’s Mercy Kansas City promotes and recognizes excellence in education each year with a series of awards presented at the Annual Graduate Medical Education Awards Ceremony.

Residents nominate individuals or a group for the Nursing Awards, Scagliotti Award, Outstanding Fellow Award, Outstanding Teaching Section, and Mercy Award. An electronic survey was used to determine the winners. The Darrow Award is chosen by an electronic write-in ballot of clinical pediatric faculty, fellows, and residents.

Student Awards 

2023-2024  Jacqueline Pabis, PhD and Nyla Rogers, PhD 

2022-2023  Kelsey Zaugg, PhD

2021-2022  Dana Bakula, PhD

2020-2021  Mallory Netz, PhD

2019-2020  Laura Hanson, PhD


Presented to a student who receives honors in the Pediatric Core Clerkship and who chooses pediatric residency training upon completion of medical school.

2023-2024  Laura Miller, MD

2022-2023  Francesca Moissan, MD

2021-2022  Laura Mann, MD

2020-2021  Margaret Urschler, MD

2019-2020  Shane Storm, MD

2018-2019  Grace Rector Arends, MD

2017-2018  Meghna Singh, MD

2016-2017  Susamita Kesh

2015-2016  McKenzie Lutz

2014-2015  Caitlin Nichols, MD

2013-2014  Claire Hackan-Hickey, MD

2012-2013  Shubra Srinivas, MD

2011-2012  Deepa Patel, MD

2010-2011  Megan Chlebowski, MD

2009-2010  Angela Oza, MD

2008-2009  Janie Hemphill, MD

2007-2008  Jessica McCammon, MD

2006-2007  Jessica Keierleber, MD

2005-2006  Amy Knapitsch, MD

2004-2005  Alysa Brimer, MD

2003-2004  Kara Hennelly, MD

2002-2003  Anne Slater, MD

2001-2002  Jesica Neuhart, MD

2000-2001  Angela Myers, MD

Nursing Awards

2023-2024  Molly Guignon, DNP

2022-2023  Marcela Santacruz, APRN

2021-2022  Megan Lynch, DNP

2020-2021  Delores McKee, MSN, CPNP, NNP-BC

2019-2020  Melissa Ehling, MSN, FNP-BC, NNP-BC

2018-2019  Melissa Ehling, MSN, NNP-BC, FNP-BC

2017-2018  Ellen Meier, CPNO, APRN

Presented to a nurse who contributed to the residents’ education by demonstrating outstanding communication skills and professionalism.

2023-2024  Dakota Helm, RN

2022-2023  Cheyenne Miller, RN

2021-2022  Mary Katherine "MK" Kancel, RN

2020-2021  Lexi Ralph, RN

2019-2020  Austin Howard, RN

2018-2019  Teresa Wilson, RN

2017-2018  Mathew Wilkes, RN, BSN

2016-2017  Rita Berroteran, RN

2015-2016  Cody Gunlock, RN

2014-2015  Michah Wallace, RN

2013-2014  Sarah Snow, RN

2012-2013  Amy Altergott, RN

2011-2012  David Keeler, RN

2009-2010  Renee Milam, RN

Presented to a nursing unit which was able to foster the development of the residents as physicians through their exemplary skills in communication, patient care, team dynamic, and professionalism.

2023-2024  6 Henson

2022-2023  6 Hall

2021-2022  Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

2020-2021  5 Sutherland

2019-2020  6 Henson

2018-2019  Primary Care Clinic

2017-2018  Emergency Medicine

2016-2017  4 Sutherland

2015-2016  Hematology/Oncology - 4-Henson

2014-2015  6 Henson

2013-2014  Critical Care (PICU)

2012-2013  4 Sutherland

2011-2012  Emergency Department

2009-2010  4 Sutherland

Resident Awards

Presented to the resident who serves as a role model of compassion in continuing care, demonstrated by good rapport with families and ancillary staff, continuity, and recruitment of new patients.

2022-2023  Grace Milburn, MD 

2021-2022  Taylor Van Dam, MD

2020-2021  Hitesh Patel, MD

2019-2020  Megan Bivens, MD

2018-2019  Page Pomo, MD

2017-2018  Danielle Horton, MD

2016-2017  Ryan Northup, MD

2015-2016  Sarah Stone, MD

2014-2015  Jennifer Boyd, DO

2013-2014  Jodi Dickmeyer, MD

2012-2013  Rodrigo Rios, MD

2011-2012  Brandi Martin, DO

Chosen by fellow house officers and the hospital attending staff as outstanding house officer of the year.

2023-2024  Erin Bolen, MD

2022-2023  Lauren Arney, MD

2021-2022  Zuri Hudson, DO

2020-2021  Michelle Brown, DO

2019-2020  Daniel Mulhall, MD

2018-2019  Page Pomo, MD

2017-2018  James Odum, MD

2016-2017  Sean Curtis, MD

2015-2016  Kristin Dolan, MD

2014-2015  Brad Barham, DO

2013-2014  Kayla Heller, MD

2012-2013  Ryan McDonough, DO

2011-2012  Mary Westfall, MD

2010-2011  Randall Schumacher, MD

2009-2010  Tracy Hall MD

2008-2009  Jennifer Andrews, MD

2007-2008  Cara Hoffart, DO

2006-2007  Cinnamon A. Dixon, DO

2005-2006  Scott Rogers, MD

2004-2005  Darin L. Haug, DO

2003-2004  Joseph Reed Moore, MD

2002-2003  Suzanne M. Grannan, MD

2001-2002  Avni C. Shaw, MD

2000-2001  Karina Carlson, MD

1999-2000  Claire Sheinker, MD

1998-1999  Sarah Browning Soden, MD

1998-1999  Deb Winburn, MD

1997-1998  Kristin Melton, MD

1996-1997  Alan Grimes, MD

1995-1996  Perry Clark, MD

1994-1995  Sarah Hampl, MD

1993-1994  Joseph Lelli, MD

1992-1993  Terrence W. Carver, MD

1990-1991  Maria H. Alonso, MD

1989-1990  Denise Bratcher, DO

1988-1989  David Cornfield, MD

1987-1988  Allison Anderson, MD

1986-1987  Michele C. Kilo, MD

1985-1986  Laura S. Fitzmaurice, MD

1984-1985  John W. Taylor, DO

1983-1984  Thomas H. Olson, MD

1982-1983  Ronald Sharp, MD

1981-1982  Bradley Warady, MD

1980-1981  Virginia Hustead, MD

1979-1980  John R. Bandy, MD

1978-1979  William A. Anderson, MD

1977-1978  Bryan C. Nelson, MD

1976-1977  Stephen C. Meyers, MD

1975-1976  Charles Goodwin, MD

1974-1975  Vidya Sharma, MD

Chosen by the faculty in Developmental and Behavioral Health and presented to the resident who demonstrated exceptional enthusiasm and aptitude for this field of pediatric subspecialty.

2022-2023  Samantha Winstead, MD

2021-2022  Elise Loughman, MD 

2020-2021  Kelsey Zubiaur, MD

2019-2020  Irene Pourladian, MD

2018-2019  Mikail Kraft, DO

2017-2018  Abigail Musial, MD

2016-2017  Sean Curtis, MD

2015-2016  Grace Winningham, MD

2014-2015  Brad Barham, DO

2013-2014  Huyen-Tan Cecilia Nguyen, MD

2012-2013  David Jolley, MD

2011-2012  Benjamin Black, MD

Chosen by the Hematology/Oncology attending staff and presented to the resident who demonstrated excellence in care of and compassion toward hematology/oncology patients.

2022-2023  Abbey Elsbernd, MD 

2021-2022  Amy Johnson, MD

2020-2021  Zuri Hudson, DO

2019-2020  Alexandra Prosser, MD

2018-2019  Claire Seguin, MD

2017-2018  Page Pomo, MD

2016-2017  Katie Doran, DO

2015-2016  Jay Sarthy, MD, PhD

2014-2015  Lauren Amos, MD and Nikki Wood, DO

2013-2014  Voytek Slowik, MD

2012-2013  Ryan McDonough, DO

2011-2012  Mary Westfall, MD

Chosen by the Section of Pediatric Hospital Medicine and presented to the resident who demonstrates excellence in clinical, supervisory and teaching skills in the inpatient setting.

2023-2024  Justin Massey, MD

2022-2023  Shelby Chesbro, MD

2021-2022  Charles Maloy, DO

2020-2021  Kaitlin Wittler, MD

2019-2020  Emily Bonanni, MD

2018-2019  Page Pomo, MD

2017-2018  Abigail Musial, MD

2016-2017  Katie Doran, DO

2015-2016  Jay Sarthy, MD, PhD

2014-2015  Brad Barham, DO

2012-2013  Catherine Brooke Cotney, MD

2011-2012  Mary Westfall, MD

Chosen by the PEM faculty, fellows, and charge nurses and presented to the resident who demonstrated excellent emergency medical care and knowledge.

2022-2023  Chandra Swanson, MD

2021-2022  Grace Arends, MD 

2020-2021  Michelle Brown, DO

2019-2020  Megan Bivens, MD

2018-2019  Christina Zanaboni, MD

2017-2018  Ashley Fletcher, MD and Abigail Hardin, MD

2016-2017  Kathryn Spectorsky, MD and Jennifer Wiebelhaus, MD

2015-2016  Nichole Gubbins, MD and Trent Sims, DO

2014-2015  Christy Scoby, DO and Ryan Stone, DO

2013-2014  Michelle DePhillips,MD and Tyler Fisher,MD

2012-2013  Ryan McDonough, DO and Laura Zapapas, MD

2011-2012  Brandi Martin, DO and Jessica Ratto, DO

2020-2021  Sophia Hackman, DO

  • The last year to receive the award

2019-2020  Lauren Jones, DO

2018-2019  Evan Weber, MD

2017-2018  Kristin Streiler, MD

2016-2017  Claire Hickey, MD

2014-2015  Autumn Han, MD

2013-2014  Kate Robben, DO

2012-2013  Courtney Winterer, DO

2011-2012  Alan Clement, MD

Presented to the third-year resident chosen by fellow residents as a role model.

2023-2024  Chaitri Desai, MD

2022-2023  Sean Stringham, MD

2021-2022  Grace Arends, MD

2020-2021  Kaitlin Wittler, MD

2019-2020  Daniel Mulhall, MD

2018-2019  Cody Jorgensen, MD

2017-2018  James Odum, MD

2020-2021  Kaitlin Wittler, MD

2019-2020  Daniel Mulhall, MD

2018-2019  Cody Jorgensen, MD

2017-2018  James Odum, MD

2016-2017  Sean Curtis, MD

2015-2016  Tessa Commers, MD

2014-2015  Brad Barham, DO

2013-2014  Kayla Heller, MD

2012-2013  Ryan McDonough, DO 

2011-2012  Alan Clement, MD

2010-2011  Emily Fitch Killough, MD

2009-2010  Tracy Hall, MD

2008-2009  Sarah McCormick, DO

2007-2008  Bernie Johnson, MD

2006-2007  Cinnamon Dixon, DO

Presented to a senior resident who provides outstanding service during their residency. This mark of excellence highlights professionalism and leadership as well as dedication to the multidisciplinary care of our patients.

2023-2024  Erin Bolen, MD

2022-2023  Grace Milburn, MD

2021-2022  Christian-Immanuel Oliveros, MD

2020-2021  Kelly Meyer, MD

2019-2020  Daniel Mulhall, MD

2018-2019  Danielle Gonzales, MD

2017-2018  Megan Tucker, MD

2016-2017  Sean Curtis, MD

2015-2016  Nichole Gubbins, MD

2014-2015  Ashley Bruns, DO

2013-2014  Britton Zuccarelli, MD

2012-2013  Catherine Brooke Cotney, MD

2011-2012  Jamie Rosterman, DO

Presented to the resident with the best PICU rotation performance as determined by a composite evaluation.

2023-2024  Rachel Granberg, MD

2022-2023  Brittany Moore, MD

2021-2022  Jordan Marquess, MD

2019-2020  Daniel Mulhall, MD

2018-2019  Evan Weber, MD

2017-2018  James Odum, MD

2016-2017  Kathryn Spectorsky, MD

2015-2016  Kristin, Dolan, MD

2014-2015  Brad Barham, DO

2013-2014  Christopher Veit, MD

2012-2013  Ryan McDonough, DO

2011-2012  Laura Plencner, MD

Presented to the resident who prepared and delivered the best Professor Rounds presentation.

2022-2023  Alison Fowler, MD (1st) and Andrew Donaldson, MD (2nd)

2021-2022  Roxana Guggenmos, DO (1st), and Grace Arends, MD (2nd)

2020-2021  Johana Meijas-Beck, MD (1st), Efua Wilmont, DO (2nd-tie) and Lacey Boshe, MD (2nd- tie)

2019-2020  Daniel Mulhall, MD (1st), Alexandra Prosser, MD (2nd-tie) and Tanner Isaacson, MD (2nd-tie)

2018-2019  Naseem Nikaeen, MD (1st), Irene Pourladian, MD (2nd)

2017-2018  Doug Later, DO  (1st), Kristin Streiler, MD and James Odum, MD (2nd)

2016-2017  Sean Curtis, MD (1st), Beth Runkel, MD (2nd)

2015-2016  Leah Brandon, DO (1st) Tessa Commers, MD (2nd), Kristin Johansen, MD (3rd)

2014-2015  Kelsee Leisner Halpin, MD (1st), James Kim, MD   (2nd), Christopher Miller, DO (3rd), Sara Kilbride, DO (HM)

2013-2014  Michelle DePhillips, MD (1st), Kayla Heller, MD (2nd) Kelsee Leisner Halpin, MD (3rd), Brad Barham, DO and Erica Sauer, MD (HM)

2012-2013  Ryan McDonough, MD (1st) Kayla Heller, MD (2nd), Ashley Mathews, MD and Meghan Movley, MD (3rd)

2011-2012  Jamie Rosterman, DO (1st), Chirstopher Fitzgerald, MD (2nd), Heather Wilson, MD (3rd)

2010-2011  Mary Westfall, MD (1st), Emily Killough, MD (2nd), Jennifer Ellzey, MD (3rd)

2009-2010  Pooja Thakur, MD (1st), Lori Falcone, DO (2nd), Aimy Tran, MD and Marideth Rus, MD (3rd)

2023-2024 Mitch Kinkor, MD, Colton Schwartz, MD, and Spencer Wittmeyer, MD (1st)

2022-2023 Brittany Moore, MD (1st)

2021-2022  Natalie Katz, MD (1st) and Tanner Isaacson, MD (2nd)

2020-2021  Michelle Brown, DO

2019-2020  Kelsey Clary, MD and Lyndsey Hultman, MD (1st)

2022-2023  J. Taylor Lackey, MD

2021-2022  Nathan LaVoy, MD

2020-2021  Kirsten Norrell, MD

Presented to a resident for outstanding research.

2023-2024 Andrew Donaldson, MD (1st) and Mitch Kinkor (2nd)

2022-2023  Rachel Granberg, MD (1st) and Roxana Guggenmos, MD (2nd)

2021-2022  Megan Carroll, MD (1st) and Jordan Marquess, MD (2nd)

2020-2021  Natalie Katz, MD, PhD (1st) and Tanner Isaacson, MD (2nd)

2019-2020  Ryan Morrow, MD (1st), Tanner Isaacson, MD (2nd)

2018-2019  Ryan Morrow, MD (1st), Joanne Marasigan, MD (2nd)

2017-2018  William Otto, MD (1st), James Odum, MD (2nd)

2016-2017  William Otto, MD (1st), Michael Kramer, MD (2nd)

2015-2016  William Otto, MD (1st), Tessa Commers, MD (2nd)

2014-2015  Jennifer Boyd, DO (1st)

2013-2014  Kayla Heller, MD (1st), Michelle DePhillips, MD (2nd)

2012-2013  Jill Hanson, MD (1st), Voytek Slowik, MD (2nd)

2011-2012  Emily Fox, MD   (1st), Jill Hanson, MD (2nd)

2010- 2011  Judith Sebestyen, MD (1st), Timothy Casias, MD (2nd)

2009-2010  Olawale Olabiyi, MD (1st), Lindsey Malloy-Walton, DO (2nd)

2008-2009  Jennifer Goldman, MD (1st), James Friedlander, MD (2nd)

2007-2008  Shayna Smith, MD (1st)

2006-2007  Erik Mikkelson MD (1st), Christina M. Peacock MD (2nd)

2005-2006  Husam Kayallil MD (1st), Kristi Canty MD (2nd)

2004-2005  Ari Auron (1st) Emily McNellis (2nd)

2003-2004  Timothy Johnson (1st), Amy Rosenfeld (2nd)

2002-2003  Felipe Orellara (1st), Cary Elhert (2nd)

2000-2001  Troy Spilde MD (1st), Chelsea Sawyer MD (2nd)

2019-2000  Craig Krausz MD (1st), Gregory Stanley MD (2nd)

1998-1999  Karina Carlson   (1st), Jennifer Lowry MD (2nd)

1997-1998  Sean A. McEnaney (1st)

1996-1997  Sherri Garcia Martin (1st)

1995-1996  Indu Gupta MD (1st)

Presented for outstanding teaching and support of medical student education.

2023-2024 Claire Rebholz, MD (peds) and Ronald Palmen, MD (med/peds)

2022-2023  Sean Stringham, MD (peds) and Caitlin Armstrong, MD (med/peds)

2021-2022  Christian-Immanuel Oliveros, MD (peds) and Samantha Winstead, MD (med/peds)

2020-2021  Taylor Van Dam, MD (Pediatrics), Sindhura Pisipati, MD  (Medicine/Pediatrics)

2019-2020  Irene Pourladian, MD (Pediatrics), Johana Mejias-Beck, MD (Medicine/Pediatrics)

2018-2019  Michael Kramer, MD (Pediatrics), Kaitlin Wittler, MD  (Medicine/Pediatrics)

2017-2018  Rachel Lieberman, MD (Pediatrics), Jane Duong, MD (Medicine/Pediatrics)

2016-2017  Michael Kramer, MD (Pediatrics) and Jeremy Jennings, DO, MBA, MPH (Internal Medicine/Pediatrics)

2015-2016  David Skoglund, MD (Pediatrics), Aunya Cameron, MD (Internal Medicine/Pediatrics)

2014-2015  Walid Hussain, MD (Pediatrics), Ray Sayed, MD (Medicine/Pediatrics)

2013-2014  Brad Barham, DO (Pediatrics) Jeremy Avila, MD (Medicine/Pediatrics)

2012-2013  Jodi Dickmeyer, MD (Pediatrics) Kevin Wherry, MD (Medicine/Pediatrics)

2011-2012  Kelsey Lueger, DO (Pediatrics), Heather Doss, MD (Medicine/Pediatrics)

Fellow Awards

Presented to the fellows with the most outstanding CQPI projects.

2023-2024 Esosa Adah, MD and Thao Le, DO (1st)

2022-2023  Edward Lyon, DO, MA; and Stephanie Green, DO & Amanda Lindenberg, DO, OTR (tie)

2021-2022  Hannah Neuhaus, MD, Jordan Pitt, MD, and Sean Stout, MD (1st) and Susan McAnany, MD (2nd)

2020-2021  Cree Kachelski, MD & Bryan Stocker, DO (1st) and Benjamin Hoag, MD & Cintya Schweisberger, DO (2nd)

2019-2020  Heather Morgans, DO (1st), Henry Jeng, DO (2nd)

2018-2019  Kathryn VanderVelde , MD (1ST), Vivek Dubey, MD, Eric Nau, MD & Marc Sycip, MD (2nd)

2017-2018  Derrick Goubeaux, DO (1st), Laura McCarthy, DO, MBA (2nd)

2016-2017  Laura Norton, MD (1st), Liza Murray, MD (2nd)

2015-201Shobhit Jain, MD (1st), Nadia Ibrahimi, MD and Voytek Slowik, MD (2nd)

2014-2015  Ryan McDonough, DO and Patria Alba Aponte, MD (1st), Jon Luce, DO, Matt McLaughlin, MD and Clarice Sinn, MD (2nd)

2013-2014  Katie Barger MD, Kathryn Jackson, DO (1st -tie), Steven Dyer, DO (1st- tie)

Presented to a fellow for outstanding research.

2023-2024  Colleen Moreland, MD

2022-2023  Alexandra Prosser-Dombrowski, MD Thomas Cochran, MD (1st) and Maribel Martinez, MD (2nd)

2021-2022  Megan Hamner, MD

2020-2021  Kathryn VanderVelde, MD

2019-2020  Megan Tucker, MD (1st), Nisha Singh, MD (2nd)

2023-2024  Madeline Ross, MD (1st) and Siân Best, MD (2nd)

2022-2023  Bianca Cherestal, MD (1st) and Megan Collins, MD (2nd)

2021-2022  Karoline Krzywda, MD (1st) and Katherine L. Kurzinski, MD (2nd)

2020-2021  Jonathan Hartley, DO (1st) and Wendy Jo Svetanoff, MD (2nd)

2019-2020  Karishma Rao, MBBS (1st), Yonatan KuRland, MD (2nd-tie) and Steven Dahl, MD (2nd-tie)

2018-2019  Derrick Goubeaux, DO (1st), Charlene Dekonenko, MD (2nd), Karishma Rao, MBBS (3rd)

2017-2018  Rebecca Casini, DO (1st) and July Jean Cuevas, MD (2nd)

2016-2017  Naresh Reddivalla, MBBS (1st), Nicholas Townley, MD (2nd)

2015-2016  Sherilyn Chan, PhD (1st), Jessica Markham, MD and Craig Sitzman, MD (2nd)

2014-2015  Emily Killough, MD (1st), Craig Sitzman, MD (2nd)

2013-2014  Naziya Tahseen, MD (1st), Valentina Shakhnovich, MD (2nd)

2012-2013  Sunena Argo, MD (1st), Tara Federly, MD (2nd)

2011-2012  Tamarrah Davis, MD (1st), Trisha Beck, MD and Jennifer Goldman, MD (2nd)

The outstanding fellow educator of the year.

2023-2024  Edward Lyon, DO, MA

2022-2023  Edward Lyon, DO, MA and Nathan LaVoy, MD (tie)

2021-2022  Nathan LaVoy, MD

2020-2021  Igor Areinamo, MD, Pediatric Critical Care

2019-2020  Igor Areinamo, MD, Pediatric Critical Care

2018-2019  Joel Waddell, DO, Pediatric Infectious Diseases

2017-2018  Arjun Sarin, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine

2016-201Nathan Beins, MD, MHPE, Nephrology

2015-201Britton Zuccarelli, MD, Child Neurology

2014-2015  Tyler Allison, MD, Child Neurology

2013-2014  Nathan Hall, DO, Hematology/Oncology

2012-2013  Sarah Weston, MD, Emergency Medicine

2011-2012  Justin Sharp, MD, Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine

2010-2011  Jennifer Yuen, DO, Child Neurology

2009-2010  Karen Cedillos, MD, Emergency Medicine

2008-2009  Tristan Flatt, DO, Hematology/Oncology

2007-2008  Joan Giovanni, MD, Emergency Medicine

2006-2007  Kerri Meyer, MD, Child Abuse Pediatrics

2005-2006  Kerri Fitzgerald, MD, Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine

Faculty Awards

2023-2024  Grant Latta, DO

2022-2023  Gene Peir, MD

2021-2022  Vivek Dubey, MD

2020-2021  Stephen Pfeiffer, MD

2019-2020  Marita Thompson, MD

2018-2019  Christopher Kennedy, MD

2017-2018  Grant Latta

2016-2017  Kayla Heller, MD

2015-2016  Keith Coffman, MD

2014-2015  Renee Cation, MD

2013-2014  Jean Baptiste Le Pichon, MD, PhD

2012-2013  Terrence Carver, MD

2011-2012  Ross Newman, DO

2010-2011  Kristen McMillan, MD

2009-2010  Renee Cation, MD

2008-2009  René VanDeVoorde, MD

2007-2008  Jason Newland, MD

2006-2007  Keith Mann, MD

2005-2006  Bruce Banwart, MD

2004-2005  Joanne Kennedy, MD

2003-2004  Denise Bratcher, DO

2002-2003  Doug Swanson, MD

2001-2002  Jim Marshall, MD and Chris Day, MD

2000-2001  Eddie Hulse, MD

1999-2000  Joanne Kennedy, MD

1998-1999  Frederick Klingbeil, MD

1997-1998  Rae McIntee, MD

1996-1997  Steve Kaine, MD

1995-1996  Ray Newman, MD

1994-1995  Katherine Madson, MD

1993-1994  Daniel Scagliotti, MD

1992-1993  Brad Vaughn, DO

1991-1992  Vidya Sharma, MBBS

1990-1991  Gerald Tremblay, MD

1989-1990  Daniel Scagliotti, MD

1988-1989  Fred Hall, DO

1987-1988  Gerald Woods, MD

1986-1987  Susan Farrell, MD

1985-1986  Jane Knapp, MD

1984-1985  Mary Anne Jackson, MD

1983-1984  Charlie Roberts, MD

1982-1983  William Anderson, MD

1981-1982  Stanley Hellerstein, MD

1980-1981  Lloyd Olson, MD

1979-1980  Jean Barton, MD

1978-1979  Rajan Gowdamarajan, MD

2022-2023  Laura Plummer, MD

2021-2022  Alonso Carrasco, Jr, MD

2020-2021  Christian Kaufman, MD

Presented for outstanding teaching and support of medical student education.

2023-2024  John (JC) D. Cowden, MD, MPH and Kathryn Doran, DO

2022-2023  Katelyn McAnany, MD

2021-2022  Joy Solano, MD, MPHE

2020-2021  Ryan Northup, MD

2019-2020  Angela Etzenhouser, MD

2018-2019  Kristin Johansen, MD

2017-2018  Jacqueline Walker, MD

2016-2017  Katie Senn, MD

2015-2016  Brenda Rogers, MD

2014-2015  Pooja French, MD

2013-2014  Jennifer McBride, MD

2012-2013  Robert Riss, MD

2011-2012  Nasreen Talib, MD, MPH

The section or division which, as a whole, works hard to provide excellent resident education.

2023-2024  Pediatric Hospital Medicine

2022-2023  Pulmonary Medicine

2021-2022  Alaina Burns, PharmD

2020-2021  Pediatric Infectious Diseases

2019-2020  Hematology/Oncology

2018-2019  Pediatric Hospital Medicine

2017-2018  Critical Care (PICU)

2016-2017 Infectious Diseases

2015-2016 Pulmonology 

2014-2015 Hospital Medicine

2013-2014 Critical Care (PICU)

2012-2013 Endocrinology

2011-2012 Cardiology

2010-2011 Emergency Medicine

2009-2010 Nephrology

2008-2009 Infectious Disease

2007-2008 Critical Care (PICU)

2006-2007 Cardiology

2023-2024  Darrin Dillingham, PharmD, BCPPS

2022-2023  Dan Younggren, PharmD

2021-2022  Pediatric Critical Care

2020-2021  Leo Guidry, PharmD

2019-2020  Darrin Dillingham, PharmD, BCPPS


Graduate Medical Education 

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