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Why Kansas City?

North, south, east or west, Kansas City offers a wealth of attractions in every direction. The striking local landscape includes wide boulevards, beautiful parks, fantastic architecture and more than 200 fountains.

In fact, Kansas City's commitment to its parks and landmarks is well known throughout the country, making it one of the most beautiful cities in America. In addition, our city's long list of diversions includes world-class museums, a vibrant arts scene, superb shopping and great jazz clubs.

We have below-average rents, low cost of living, money and momentum behind future developments and innovative jobs in business, research and technology.

The true differentiator for Kansas City is its friendly citizens. There is the hustle and bustle with any city, but you'll see more smiles, a willingness to help and always plenty of suggestions regarding the best place to enjoy barbecue!

Children's Mercy staff share what surprised them, and what they love about living in Kansas City.