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Once you step foot inside Children’s Mercy, you feel our welcoming spirit. Check out our video series on what makes our programs, our people — and our city — different from what you’ll find anywhere else.

Kansas City

Kansas City offers metropolitan amenities wrapped up in a warm sense of community. It’s a place we think you’ll love to call home.

Residency Program at Children's Mercy

From custom curriculums to individual mentors, our residency program is designed to maximize your potential as a pediatrician.

Tour of Residency

Take a walk through every departmental rotation, each designed to expose you to core clinical experiences across a range of subspecialties.

Fellowship at Children's Mercy

Fellows and program directors go into detail about the potential waiting inside Children’s Mercy, including exciting research opportunities.


Inclusivity is part of our overall dedication to serving all communities, starting with a staff that reflects the diversity of the patients we serve.