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Travel Reimbursement

Acknowledging the increasing cost of gas and travel and the cumulative financial effect on those applying for residency and fellowships, Children's Mercy also provides one-night hotel accommodation at a local hotel surrounding your interview day.

Additionally, Children's Mercy Kansas City is pleased to offer travel reimbursement for applicants invited to interview in our fellowship programs.

Travel will be reimbursed up to $300 per applicant for round trip coach airfare within the continental United States. If traveling by car and if the travel distance one-way to Children's Mercy is greater than 50 miles from your home address, round-trip gas mileage to your home address will be reimbursed at the current federal government mileage rate up to $300 per applicant. Mileage will be calculated based on the distance between your home address and Children's Mercy Hospital; this data will be derived from an internet mapping program.

A copy of the airline itinerary including ticket price or a completed expense report documenting mileage driven must be submitted to the program coordinator within 15 days from the date of travel to process your reimbursement. Transportation to and from the airport by taxi or shuttle are also reimbursed with a receipt.

Please contact the program coordinator of the training program you are considering if you have further questions. We look forward to meeting you during your interview day at Children's Mercy.

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