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What is the Patient Progression Hub

The Patient Progression Hub is a 6,000-square-foot hospital operations center that uses artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and real-time data to optimize care progression and coordination. 
Inspired by NASA’s mission control center, the Hub:

  • Improves access

  • Streamlines the flow of patients 

  • Enhances discharge timeliness

  • Determines staffing needs

  • Forecasts patient demand 

Children’s Mercy Kansas City is the first freestanding pediatric hospital to partner with GE HealthCare to embed this state-of-the-art technology.

Since implementing, CMKC has saved thousands of bed hours, creating more availability for kids in the community and reducing unnecessary costs to the system.

  • Within 6 months the hub as created an additional bed capacity for 82 medical surgical patients annually based on an average length of stay of 3.49 days

  • Decreased number of deferrals for no beds to zero during current winter surge. 

  • Significantly decreased patient boarding in the ED over the last 6 months with only a total of 14 patients requiring boarding. 

How does it work? 

The Hub — its technology, people and processes — brings previously siloed data together to give an accurate, transparent picture.

A video wall with customized analytic apps, or “tiles,” allows team members to monitor and manage patient flow.

  • Capacity Expeditor tile: shows capacity levels and access and patient flow challenges by unit.

  • Patient Manager tile: provides patient status to identify gaps in care coordination.

  • Risk of Harm tile: identifies patients at risk for deterioration and allows teams in the Hub to notify providers to provide early intervention. 

Hub team members are co-located in the space to facilitate communication and break down bottlenecks. 

  • A team of physicians serve in the hub to assist with referrals and admissions as well as answer medical questions.

  • The Discharge Expeditor reduces delayed discharges — historically one of the biggest frustrations for staff and families.

  • The Flow Administrator focuses on access for patients, working with teams to predict hospital system needs and remove barriers for care providers.

What does the Hub do for patients and care team members? 

The Hub puts access and care coordination of patients and families first and helps maintain safety, improve outcomes and deliver superior care.

We’re making sure we have the right patient in the right bed at the right time with the right care. Most patients and families won’t even know the Hub exists, but they will feel its impact: shorter wait-times; more focused, available care team members; and smoother discharges.

The Hub also reduces daily work frictions and frees team members to deliver the best care possible. Multidisciplinary collaboration, transparent data and predictive technology support clinical bedside teams and empowers staff. When teams encounter barriers, they have a centralized place to go and to problem-solve in real time.

Contact us

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