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Center for Pediatric Innovation

Bringing Innovations to Life

The Center for Pediatric Innovation was established in 2015 to help bring Children's Mercy innovations to life. The Center's goals are to advance our mission, build our reputation and create new sustainability models/revenue streams. Children's Mercy collaborates with global strategic partners to deliver solutions that create a world of wellbeing for all children.

Children’s Mercy has been at the forefront of innovation since our founding sisters Alice Berry Graham and Katharine Berry Richardson felt compassion for Kansas City’s neediest children. Innovation starts with empathy and solving for deep needs, which continues to be at the heart of the employees at Children’s Mercy driving them to innovate new solutions to transform the health, wellbeing and potential of children.


Our innovation process


Road map with three main points labeled along the road: need validation, solution validation and market validation. Smaller points are plotted on the road and are labeled as such: identify the need, propose the idea, assess the market position, explore value stream options, prototype the solution, validate the solution, validate the value stream, implement sustainability model, execute go to market plan, and measure success.

Our innovation process consists of three important phases. These phases include need, solution and market validation. The Innovation team at Children's Mercy has experience in consumer goods, product and software development, intellectual property management, and go-to-market strategy.

Children’s Mercy is interested in collaborating with start-ups, entrepreneurs and other entities to develop solutions that improve the health and wellbeing of children.

In addition, Children’s Mercy wants to engage with companies that can prototype, develop and provide other competencies to help us deliver our solutions to the pediatric market.

Meet the Pediatric Innovation Center team.

Children's Mercy innovations


Innovation highlight

Use the links below to learn more about these five innovations:

Partner with us

Led by Dawn Wolff, Vice President of Strategy, Innovation, and Partnerships, Center for Pediatric Innovation takes a collaborative approach to innovation by building strategic alliances. If you'd like to partner with us, please use the button below to send us an email.

Innovation in research

Visit our Health Care Innovation page to learn more about the research innovation being done at the Children's Mercy Research Institute.