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Corporate Compliance Conflict of Interest
Corporate Compliance Conflict of Interest

Children's Mercy recognizes that there are many opportunities for staff to develop relationships with outside entities and engage in other activities that enhance one's professional competency, render valuable service to the community, and benefit the individual, and hospital.

Our Partnerships

Children's Mercy understands the necessity and importance of academic achievement as being critical to its continued evolution as an academic pediatric medical center. As a result of these activities, Children's Mercy realizes that the relationships between hospital staff, private industry, federal and state governments, and the non-profit sector have grown increasingly complex.

Protecting Integrity

For the purpose of protecting the integrity and objectivity of its staff in the performance of their hospital obligations, conflicts of interests between duties to the hospital and duties to outside relationships should be avoided where possible, or disclosed and managed so as to avoid violation of state and federal laws and the Code of Conduct. Since the existence of a conflict of interest is not always easily determined, hospital Staff are required to disclose relationships with external entities so that a reasonable determination can be made regarding the conflict and, if needed, the appropriate management of such conflict.

Children's Mercy Policies

The policies below describe Children's Mercy's process for disclosure and review of potential conflicts of interest in order to assure that these interactions are appropriately avoided or managed:

As a recipient of funding for research from the Public Health Service, we are also required to publicly disclose all financial interests held by Senior/Key Personnel that could directly and significantly affect the design, conduct, or reporting of the research. The following is a list of such disclosures. Children's Mercy has made every attempt to provide accurate and up to date information. Please be aware that the data on this website may differ from information provided by other publicly available sources due to differing reporting requirements.

Currently, Children's Mercy has no disclosures.

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