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The Day Program at The Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City transitions kids from inpatient rehabilitation to home, school and community. The only program of its kind in the region, this individually tailored program provides intensive multidisciplinary evaluation and therapies to maximize the abilities of each child.

The key components of the Day Treatment Program are:

  • School re-entry programming with a full-time teacher trained in brain injury.

  • Preparation, education, experience and follow-up services to maximize success with return to school.

  • Team members help educate the educators and visit the school as needed throughout the school year.

  • Ongoing resources to patient, family and school.

  • Comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach designed to meet the unique needs of the pediatric and adolescent population.

  • A separate Adolescent program was modified from the Pediatric Day Program and SAILS.

  • Intensive programming to facilitate the transition from inpatient rehabilitation at the Rehabilitation Institute, Children's Mercy Hospital, or other community rehabilitation programs.

  • Ongoing medical management.

  • Ongoing psychological services, including neuropsychological testing.