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Children’s Mercy offers a Wheelchair and Adaptive Seating Clinic for children and adolescents who have special needs.

Prescribing and obtaining the most appropriate wheelchair or seating system for your child requires specialists who are up-to-date on the latest advances in seating and positioning technology. Our team of professionals are experts in helping find the solution that best meets your child's needs.

When to consider a wheelchair evaluation

A referral to the Wheelchair and Adaptive Seating Clinic can help when:

  • Your child has complex positioning or mobility needs
  • Your child's current seating system does not meet his needs
  • You anticipate that your child's medical, physical or cognitive status will change significantly
  • You are considering motorized equipment for your child

How a wheelchair and adaptive seating assessment can help

A properly fitted wheelchair or seating system prescribed especially for your child can have many benefits:

  • Promotes independence and easier functioning within the home and school environment
  • Allows for your child's growth and changes in ability
  • Reduces the risk of problems due to improper positioning
  • Decreases hospitalizations due to skin breakdown
  • Reduces the number of modifications of the wheelchair over the course of time

About our team

Our team of professionals work with your child to evaluate and prescribe the seating system that works best:

  • Our Rehabilitation doctor or nurse practitioner will evaluate your child's medical condition and its impact on seating, including the likelihood of progression, the overall prognosis and potential for complications over time. They will determine the equipment that best meets each child’s needs based on medical necessity and advocate on behalf of the child.
  • Our occupational therapist or physical therapist will evaluate your child's range of motion, balance, posture and motor skills to identify seating and mobility needs.
  • A rehabilitation technology specialist will provide information about available equipment and how it can be modified to meet your child's needs. The technician measures and fits the wheelchair, and assists with obtaining funding for the equipment.

What you can expect

A consultation with our Wheelchair and Adaptive Seating Clinic will give you:

  • A multidisciplinary evaluation of your child's mobility and positioning needs
  • A determination of the wheelchair or seating system that best meets those needs
  • An option to meet with a vendor who can provide the equipment and ordering information
  • A report/letter of medical necessity 

Making an appointment

Call (816) 234-3970 (option 1) to make an appointment or for more information. Referrals can be faxed to (816) 302-9734. Patients are seen by self and physician referrals.