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What is BFR training?

Also known as occlusion training, BFR training helps most athletes enhance their performance and recover from injuries through improving strength at a faster rate with less stress on the body.

BFR training safely prevents low-oxygen blood from leaving the muscle while allowing oxygenated blood to travel to that same muscle bringing nutrition to the cells needed for strengthening.

BFR training at Children's Mercy


BFR is completed with low-intensity resistance allowing athletes to start rehabilitation much sooner, regaining their strength to prevent a loss in muscle mass and get the patient back to the sport they love in a fraction of the time.

You will work with Children's Mercy Sports Physical Therapists who have the required knowledge and skills to safely perform and track this type of therapeutic exercise. Our expertise includes:

  • Advanced knowledge of muscular and vascular anatomy and exercise physiology
  • Practice of therapeutic exercise prescription, monitoring of physiological vital signs and blood flow