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Vestibular therapy is often prescribed for athletes who suffered a concussion and have symptoms preventing them from returning to school or sports. Since symptoms following concussions varies from person to person, our sports physical therapists do a personal assessment with each student-athlete. 

After the evaluation, if needed, the sports physical therapist initiates vestibular therapy, which includes exercises to decrease dizziness, imbalance, headaches and neck pain.

Creating a return-to-play plan after concussions

As the athlete’s symptoms improve, the sports physical therapist begins to help the athlete identify:

  • Appropriate exercise exertion levels which may shorten the recovery time following a concussion. Once symptom-free, the physical therapist starts and supervises a return-to-play program tailored to the athlete’s sport.
  • Appropriate academic recommendations so the athlete can continue with their education while completing therapy. 

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