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Prospective Studies in Progress Single Incision versus Standard Laparoscopic Splenectomy

This is a definitive study in 30 patients who do not have splenomegaly. The primary outcome variable is operative time.

Likely, there are several variables that will show small differences between groups. This study will precisely quantify these variables to allow for adequate consultation from surgeons to families with children requiring removal of the spleen. The single-incision approach is not controlled for and the surgeons may vary in the technique and equipment they choose to employ. In general, we use the Covidien SILS™ port with an additional instrument placed along side it and use a stapler to ligate the hilar vessels.

Because the differences between the two groups are likely to be small and cosmesis is a proposed advantage of single-incision surgery, we are also using a validated tool to measure scar satisfaction at six weeks and six months after the operation.

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