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Children's Mercy operates the only designated Level I Pediatric Trauma Center and the only burn unit devoted exclusively to pediatric patients between St. Louis and Denver.

Our Burn and Trauma Staff includes board-certified surgeons and pediatric-trained specialists who are available 24 hours per day. Our outcomes for pediatric trauma patients are above the national average.

Children's Mercy is an American College of Surgeons Verified Center

Our team offers a full range of burn and trauma services, from initial treatment to post-discharge follow-up. Staff includes:

  • Surgeons, nurse practitioners, and nursing staff who are specialists in burn care.

  • Physical therapists and occupational therapists who monitor exercises and positioning.

  • Nutritionists who minimize weight loss and oversee dietary needs to promote healing.

  • Child life specialists who provide emotional support.

  • Social workers who facilitate support throughout the community.


  • First-degree or superficial burns

  • Second-degree or partial thickness burnsThird-degree or full thickness burns

  • Scald burns

  • Contact and friction burns

  • Chemical and electrical burns

  • Sunburns and radiation burns

  • Frostbite injury

  • Inhalation injury

  • Gunshot wounds/stabbings

Injuries resulting from:

  • Bicycle crashes

  • Child abuse

  • Falls

  • Motor vehicle accidents

  • Sports

Surgical treatment:

  • Split-thickness skin grafting

  • Full-thickness skin grafting

  • Full reconstructive services

Non-surgical medical services:

  • Burn debridement treatments

  • Dressing changes

  • Pain management

  • Scar management with compression therapy

  • Therapy management and referrals

  • Developmental and behavioral services

  • Transition and aftercare assistance


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Scheduling an appointment and your visit

We strongly encourage families to contact our hospital directly to schedule appointments and we request that patients bring relevant medical records and X-rays with them on their first visit. Prior to arriving for your first appointment, please give your child a dose of pain medication (Tylenol, Motrin, or prescribed pain medication if given one).

Please bring the following items with you to all of your appointments:

  • Insurance card

  • Creams/ointments you have been using at home

  • Supplies and dressings you have been using at home


Contact the Burn and Trauma Team

Burn and trauma patients - established patients and families:
(816) 234-3199

Acute burn injury patients:
(816) 234-3520 

Referring health care providers:
(816) 234-3520
(816) 234-9286